January 18, 2014

A5 Domino Review

So I was out today (again), scouring the shops occupying the lower half of Melbourne's Elizabeth St, when lo and behold, I found myself an A5 Domino in Officeworks! For a steal, I might add. I wasn't really looking for it and it wasn't exactly the colour I wanted, (it being red), but who could complain when the whole thing costed only $16.45?! I know. I was shocked / amazed myself. And it was definitely a chance I couldn't miss. The A5 had some minor defects though and that's probably why it was so cheap. It didn't include a plastic slip case like my Personal Domino did and it had a tiny scratch near the back spine (shown below). But weighing the colour and the minor defects with the price, I'd still buy it any day.

After my lucky strike at Officeworks, I went down to David Jones to check out their sale. Turns out, they too had some Filofax clearance. There were no reduced red stickers on the actual organisers, but I think my two organisers are able to last me for a while. Besides, I found accessories to complement my A5 Domino for another steal of a price:

And that's it for my Filofax adventures today!

January 13, 2014

Catch of the Day

At 12pm AEST on the 13th of January 2014, a site called Catch of the Day put up the best deals I have ever seen: the sale of Filofax. I think there was once a day where I thought: if only Catch had Filofaxes for sale... and today guys, today is that day.

The moment I saw the notification for the ad on my phone, I jumped. And the icing on the cake was that it wasn't even expensive. In fact, they were selling it for ridiculously cheap prices and they had quite an abundant range too! There are currently only 28 different choices to make from their site, but I reckon it's more than enough. Though they don't have the more expensive leather ranges, I say the Sketch range that they had still fits the bill of an 'expensive' Filofax (in my budget, ie).

They currently have all the sizes available (except for A4) and have designs ranging from Domino, to Sketch, Mode, Apex, Pink Hearts, Metropol, Petal and Finsbury. Not being sure of how famous Filofax is in Australia, I bought my share. Without hesitation. Unfortunately for me, money is a limitation when it comes to buying in a bundle, so I decided that two types of Filofaxes should be enough. Knowing the market, I bought the two most expensive Filofaxes available on Catch: Chocolate Personal Sketch (for $24.95) + Maroon A5 Sketch (for $39.95). This of course doesn't include postage, but with that included, an addition of just $4.18 was added to the total! The joy bubbling within me is overflowing!

Here is a picture of how the site looks like:

As these deals are first come first serve and for a limited time only, I suggest anyone with a love of Filofaxes to hurry and buy! (Besides, if it doesn't come to use, there's always the ability to sell it for a higher price ;)

Till then!