August 29, 2016


Another month and another release by Kelly Purkey! Here's a look and reveal of all the stamp sets included in this month's KP shop release!

And of course, you can get all these stamps (and more!) in Kelly Purkey's shop here. Happy shopping!

August 28, 2016


I'm starting to develop that itch again where I lose interest in one project and feel the need to start another. I'm still up to date with my MTN diary, however, my style has changed a little since I started it and I'm hoping this will allow me to create more freely and keep at it. Either way, here's a look at the past two weeks' MTN layouts:

I didn't in fact finish the first MTN layout above (because I ran out of time / couldn't be bothered etc), so I made up for it on the next week when I included my first picture in the MTN diary. I'm liking how it turned out though, and I'll possibly aim for more pictures in the coming week to scrap the monotony of my layouts.

August 27, 2016


Recently, I decided to spruce up my Passport MTN kraft folder, and because I'm into all things vintage, I decided to pull out my ephemera to put together a simple antique-feel folder. Here's how it turned out:

I've been asked how I put this folder together on Instagram, so I thought I might write up a little post on it. It really is simple, and all you need are the right tools to create one of your own:

- Wax seal + wax
- Classiky Wax Paper
- Kaisercraft Script stamp
- Brown stamp pad
- Pressed leaf
- Green thread + needle
- Old stamp

1- The first thing to do is stamp out the vintage script directly onto the kraft folder. Do it on just one side or cover the entire folder - it is entirely up to you
2- Get the Classiky wax paper, and scrunch it up. You'll be able to create the imperfect lines across the entire wax paper as seen in the picture. Stick it on the bottom half of the kraft folder
3- Stick a vintage stamp on the top left
4- Grab your needle and thread and poke a hole on the bottom of the kraft folder. Tie a knot at the end so the thread doesnt slip through the hole and go round the kraft folder
5- Choose your pressed leaf and arrange it onto your kraft folder as desired
6- Heat some wax up and drip it onto the stem of the leaf and the wax paper
7- Stamp the wax with a wax seal stamp and you're done!

It's super simple and doesn't take too long to do either! Try one out for yourself!

August 24, 2016


Another month has gone by, which means there's another update in the Kelly Purkey Shop! This month is all about girl power, sunny beach days, and tough lives. I've created some layouts with these new stamps and here's a little sneak peak before the full reveal on the 28th of August!

Don't forget tot mark your calendars for this store update! Stay tuned for the full reveal!

August 17, 2016


Oh, we've had this debate before, but admittedly, I have always been a little biased towards the regular MTN in the past. However, now that I've broken out the Passport, gave it a chance with some customisation and started writing in it, I'm starting to wonder why it took me so long to get into it. This weekend saw me creating two spreads, both with the same picture, in the two different sized MTNs to test how each went. Here's how it turned out:

As you can see, both spreads have their own little unique edge to them. On the one hand, the Passport size is able to focus on an event in a two-page facing spread, encompassing both writing and photo in one, while on the other, the regular size is able to encompass all of the previous with white space to spare! I guess it really depends what 'look' you're going for too.

In a way, I love the compact size of the Passport MTN; I can slip it into my back pocket at work no problem, and rather than writing notes on pieces of paper, I can now pull out my MTN and write straight into it. So the passport really is great for random notes / lists. On the other hand, I love how much the regular MTN can fit. I love its size and just the general feel of holding one. Without a doubt, the regular size is the best fit for travels and documentation. So it all depends on the final aim of your 'project'. Is it meant to be portable? Is it meant to fit lots of ephemera? Is it to document, or is it for scribbles? It all depends on you. So although I can debate to lengths of which MTN is the best, it all comes down to what you need!

August 15, 2016


I've been experimenting with my Passport MTN (and having so much fun with it) lately that I'm fearing that my regular sized MTN will slowly fade away (and so will my diary projects). I can't seem to stick with one thing this year, always wanting to try out different things but never really completing it wholly. I'm going to try to stick with my diary projects, so here's what's been happening in the past two weeks:

It seems like my spreads are taking a repetitive turn, don't you think? I need to embrace different styles in my diary documenting, and this week was probably one of my 'trial' runs where I embrace the space and pull an 'incomplete but complete' look. I'm aiming to have bigger diagrams in my spreads (such as the pie chart) so the eyes will have something to focus on, and hopefully that will bring some variety over to my pages.

August 14, 2016


TIME: 8:03PM
LOCATION: Bedroom / studio / office
FEELING: A little tired
LOVING: My new Camel Passport MTN
READING: Liane Moriarty - What Alice Forgot
ANTICIPATING: The arrival of my Kelly Purkey stamps!
LISTENING: To the clock tick
WATCHING: Batman vs Superman
PLANNING TO: Create more blog posts in the next few days
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My first 6 - 2 shift this Thursday! (Yes, I'm weird)
NEED TO FINISH: Project Life 2016 spreads!

August 1, 2016


It's crazy to think that it's already August. So much has happened this year, and yet there's still much more to look forward to and accomplish as I transition into full time work and adult life (eep). Life is hard, but the best thing is: you will always have the power to shape your life the way you want it. It just depends on whether or not you're brave enough to do so. But anyway, here's a look at how July went for me in terms of goal setting and achievement:
  • x     Read two books
  • x     Spend less
  • x     Catch up with Project Life 2016
  • ΓΌ Keep up with Weekly MTN
Now that I'm working in a different place (with highly limited shopping options), I can say that the first goal I set for the month might actually finally be achievable:

Let's see how this month goes:
  • Spend less than $400
  • Read a book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!)
  • Draw, draw, draw!
Been having a bumpy end to the month of July and I'm hoping things will start looking up when August comes around..