October 11, 2014

Kikki K 'Cute' Pink Planner Review!

I was actually debating whether or not to get this pink lovely because I too wanted the gold large Time Planner from Kikki K. But when the Gold ran out of stock and I found out that Kikki K was throwing a little giveaway on Instagram, I decided to get myself the new pink Large Time Planner. I ordered it on Wednesday, it was shipped on Thursday and it arrived Friday. Just in time for the weekend. Beautiful:

This one came in a pretty box similar to that of the Purple Time Planner (just pink). And although it's built inferiorly (more flimsy) to the past Berry / Grey planner boxes, at least there's still a box... I'm beginning to wonder if Kikki K is starting to be like Filofax now - charge more for items that are built much more inferior than before. I guess they all go down that road eventually...

But anyway, unlike the other Time Planners / Personal Planners, the leather on this one is textured. The leather is similar to that of the black textured Kikki K Large Time Planner. I must say though, that although the texture feels nice and the planner seems a lot lighter than the ordinary leather planners, it also feels... a little less leather and a little more fauxleather. You probably wouldn't know it's leather if it weren't for the fact that it's called leather. But other than that, really, it's a fantastic pink planner from Kikki K. It's bright but not too vibrant, and doesn't seem to be as puffy as the other planners (mostly due to the thinner textured leather, I guess).

On the inside:

I actually quite like the inside - it matches the pink quite well. And I love the colourful tab dividers that Kikki K has supplied with them. It makes the whole planner really vibrant and cheerful.

The planners still have that crease on the inside whenever you close it due to the fabric and the cardboard underneath, but I guess everyone has gotten immune to that:

Crease on the inside whenever you close it due to the fabric & cardboard

Unlike the other Kikki K planners though, I quite like the paper pads they've included in this pink planner too. While the Personal Planners have got that boring black and white paper, this pretty pink has a striped 'Today' notepad matching the grey and white inner fabric, and a pink bordered notepad at the back.

The rings weren't terrible either. Sure there were one or two that could have been tighter, but as long as it doesn't catch on papers, I'm not too fussed:


I took a picture comparing the Pink Kikki K to that of the Personal Pink Finsbury and if you have one of those, I can say that they're quite similar in colour - just that they have different textures:

So overall, what do I think of this one? I love it (despite everything I've said). It looks beautiful, it's sturdy, most probably cleans well if anything ever gets on it, and you definitely won't need to baby / take care of it like the limited edition mint planner that was released a while ago (by the way, the mint's getting released again in November, guys). So if you're thinking of getting one, I suggest that you do.


  1. ����������

    Thanks sooooo much for this review! Love your photos and you ashtray adjust always give the most honest opinions and suggestions. I'm very much wanting this planner now!

    �� Aggy
    @theinsmomniac on IG

  2. For the pic u showed, i know that this is not for me as I am looking something more pale in colour. Probably save the money and consider to splurge for a mint in november (i love the light color). Thanks for doing this review in helping me ��

  3. I love the golden rings and the striped pattern on the inside. And the two notepads are so cute!

    I like this one way better than those lilac time planners. It's got "character", but it's not too tacky like the golden one (I actually like the idea of a golden planner a lot, but one as large as the kikki.k personal planners are would be way too much).

    Now excuse me while I go feed your fishies.

    1. Hahaha, hi Laurie! I agree! This pink planner is lovely! Even for someone not as girly, I really love it, especially the insides! :D

    2. Hahaha, hi Laurie! I agree! This pink planner is lovely! Even for someone not as girly, I really love it, especially the insides! :D

    3. I completely agree with you - I generally have a lot of problems with pink, but this particular shade is fantastic. And I like how simple and elegant this planner is *_*

  4. Will you do a review for the forever new mint a5 planner?

    1. Hi there xsugarpiex :)

      Aahh, if you had asked me that a week or so ago, I probably would have, but unfortunately, I've sold it before taking any pictures of it. Darn. If I do get my hands on it again, I'll definitely be doing a review of it. Thanks for reminding me though!

  5. Thanks for replying. Well, do you mind giving me a quick opinion of it. Pro/con? I have relative in Australia that is visiting the state next year. I would ask them to pick one up for me if they are worthwhile.

    1. Sure thing:

      Overall, it's a nice planner. It's of a nice blue and the pattern on it is unique. Definitely something every girl should have. Inside only has two vertical pockets on the left hand side. The back cover doesn't have any pockets whatsoever, not even a notepad holder. All it has is a penloop which is made from fabric, and is pretty thin, but adequate enough to hold a pen. The clasp is magnetic so if you fill it up too much, it wouldn't stay shut because the magnet isn't as strong as a button clasp, as we all know. The rings are 20mm so you won't be able to put much in it. However, because of that, it IS thin and light enough to carry around without the usual weight of one. The rings have to be chosen carefully though as some might have gaps in them. And one last thing: the inside material can scratch easily. The one I purchased online and direct from the warehouse had scratches in them from the tag swinging around in it, and imprints of it too. If you're lucky, it wont be so bad, but if not, there will be marks. Of course, to me, it didn't really matter. I just had to point that out so you can tell your relatives to watch out for these things if they were to buy you one. Hope this helped :)

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to describe in details for me. I really appreciate it. I think I'll just pass with this planner. It just seem to much trouble to ask my relative to pick out a good one. Thanks a again. :)