June 21, 2015


I particularly love this upcoming week's layout. It took me around 10mins to do and I'm ecstatic about the outcome.

The tools used in this spread included:
1- Versamagic inks - these are great for thin papers as the ink doesn't show or bleed through
2- Kaisercraft sticker sheet for the cute little books
3- Paint splatter washi tape from washitapeaustralia

Three tools to create a perfect little spread in minutes. What more can someone ask for?

June 13, 2015


Oh it has been a while, hasn't it? Filofaxshop had a sale recently and apart from their usual ones which are always on sale, they added this shiny black Original too. So despite the fact that I probably could have survived without it, for the price, I thought: why not. I can always sell it. But before that, there will always be the usual walk through of pictures and little thoughts on it.

Personal Black Patent Original

The Originals have more or less been a love or hate collection. Love the simplicity, but hate the pockets. But I think I've grown to love the Originals (although I barely use them!). I love that they're made from a full thick piece of leather, and the colours they come in. I currently own just one other (Personal Yellow Original), but have owned both A5 and Personal sizes in Green, Nude, Orange, Red, and Aqua. They've all found better, more lovable homes (I think), but I can never seem to part with my yellow (because yknow, it's rare and it is such a lovely bright colour!). This black might just be passing through my household too

But anyway, here are the pictures of the sleek little fellow:

The Original Seal
Right (back) Pockets

The first thing I thought of when I took it out from it's plastic is: it's shiny. Heat fingerprints are present when you hold it, and this may actually annoy some people, and I've found myself wiping away my fingerprints after every hold, but oh my, it is just so sleek! I guess some people might not mind the fingerprints, and I really don't mind them, but I guess it's something not quite preferable.

The inside pockets on the left (front) cover are the usual full length vertical pocket, two slits for cards and the elastic to hold... whatever fits. The right holds a slit for a slim notebook and a full length vertical pocket like the left (front) cover.

The rings were great, and it came with a 2015 diary, pouch and ruler like they all do.

Overall thoughts: I love it, probably won't use, has an annoying talent with withholding fingerprints, but its sleekness conquers all.

Original Yellow and Original Black

Till the next review (whenever that might be!)

June 12, 2015


I've been working on my SC Traveler assignment for a few days and it's been really fun trying out different things and utilising different ideas to form a page. I've still yet to find my definite 'style' but I'm loving the process along the way. In the mean time, here are some sneaks to the pages I've been working on:

I haven't yet decided which spreads I would like to share in the upcoming Studio Calico class (read about it here!), so till then, all my spreads will be just sneaks ;)

June 5, 2015


I recently signed up for a little challenge called the 'Get Messy' Art Journal Challenge. It's run by Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper with contributors by some of the most talented ladies. This month is all about simplicity and going out of my comfort zone. I know for a fact that although the beginning 2 weeks of June will be relatively free, the second two weeks will be full of other commitments such as work and assignments. So in order to keep my creative mojo up, I've decided to do this challenge along with my own called the #3toolschallenge. Here, I have to use just 3 tools to complete a page. This can include washi, patterned paper, stamps, paint chips etc. It's so I don't get overwhelmed with ideas and end up not producing anything at all. I think it's a healthy way to challenge yourself, yet utilise what you have.

So this is my first page of the challenge:

The first Get Messy journal prompt is about adventure and my recent trip to Geelong was more than suitable for that. Everything in the picture is homemade and easily available. The list of tools used included:

1- Blue paint chips - available from any hardware store
2- Canon Selphy CP910 - it really does print amazzing quality pictures for the price!
3- Micron 005 pen - for the lines and writing
4- Transform Your Life sticker from Kaisercraft
5- Patterned paper from Kaisercraft

Ok, so maybe I didn't use just 3 tools, but I'm willing to omit the Canon Selphy and pen as a 'tool' as they're basically necessary in every page...

I love the emptiness and simplicity of the page. Don't get me wrong, I still love compacting my pages to the brim, but I guess it's nice to embrace the space too.

June 2, 2015


Last week was my last week of uni, so I managed to go all out with my Filofax layout knowing that my schedule would be fairly light.

Last week's layout in my Personal Ochre Malden

And a few close-up shots:

Here are some of the items I used in the layout:
1- Birds: Kaisercraft rub-ons
2- Washi tape: Washi Tape Australia
3- Project Life card
4- Stickers: Kaisercraft and Typo

Floral washi tape and Typo stickers!
The lovely floral washi tapes are from Washi Tape Australia. Their rolls are only AUS$2 each and they offer FREE shipping for 10 rolls or more in Australia. They do ship worldwide too, so do check them out! Also, I'm not too sure when the code runs out, but put in TEDDI15 and you'll also get 10% off your order. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

June 1, 2015


I was approached a few days ago by the lovely Kelly Noel from Studio Calico to contribute for an exciting new upcoming class called 'Everyday Traveler'. The class has opened for registration and will be taught by the crazy talented Sam (@happiscrappie) with contributions from a range of other amazing ladies including Amy Tan! The class will begin on the 6th of July and every registered used will receive a FREE stamp set from Hello Forever (@helloforeverpaperco)!

All you have to do is head down over to the Studio Calico website, register into the Everyday Traveler class and Sam will teach you how to record your daily journey using your Traveler's Notebook, whether it be Midori or a fauxdori!

Everyday Traveler is enrolling now through June 30th at 11:59pm EST! Go go register! I'll see you there!