June 30, 2014

Kate Spade Wellesley Zip Review!

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Guess who arrived early this week!

Kate Spade!

Yes, Kate Spade has finally stepped into my limited collection, and she's here to stay (for now)!

This was purchased during Kate Spade's secret sale wherein it was going for just US$49! I managed to find a wonderful instagramer (@tinajan) whom had purchased a few of these beauties and was happy to sell and post one to Australia. If not for her, I don't think I would ever have purchased one (especially since its original price is around the $170+ range on eBay!)

Here are the unboxing pictures:

It doesn't open flat out of the box, though I think this is mostly due to the fact that it's a zip around. I have the same problem with my zipped Holborn but with a little force and a little weight, it will probably be able to stay flat (though I have yet to try).

On the insides:

Doesn't open flat... yet.
Front pockets 

It's quite ... pretty on the insides due to the beige coloured pockets and the polka dot backing. Even the inserts are nice and girly:

The rings were nice and tight and yknow... gold, and is apparently around 30mm. It doesn't seem like it is from the side though

Gold rings!

One problem I do have with the Kate Spade is the boar-skin design. For those who aren't sure / do not know, Kate Spade's Wellesley Agenda is made out of boar-skin embossed calfskin, which means that the leather is really just calfskin.... made to look like boar-skin (pig-skin). I don't quite understand why Kate Spade decided they had to emboss the leather to look it, because honestly, I prefer it without but I guess it complements the design. And because I'm not a great fan of boar-skin (though it's only embossed), it has decreased my affinity with it... even if just a little.

Nevertheless, she is still a beauty inside and out, and has both an air of durability and formality to it. I might hold onto this beauty for a while though because I have wanted it for some time and have gone through great lengths to get it, but I have a feeling it might (though not necessarily) go on the market sooner or later. We'll just have to see...


  1. It is so beautiful! Even though I have one, I still love looking at your pretty pictures. :) I was on Philofaxy, and saw a link to the Kate Spade agenda, and then realized it was you! Haha!

    1. Hahaha yes, im kinda everywhere.. lolol. But ngaaw, thanks Tina. Really couldnt have done it without you (:

  2. I'm with you on the boar skin texture. I had the Wellesely in black and sold it, and passed on the opportunity to purchase a red.

    KS seems to have a thing for that texture - some of the Debra snap binders have it, too. My two favorite (older) KS planners are smooth calf and a normal grain. They are both lovely and I preferred them over the Wellesley.

    I do love the KS layout. 8 (!) card pockets, and that lovely secretarial flap. My only complaint is the teeny pen loop.

    1. Hi Bree! Thanks for agreeing with me! I was beginning to think I was the only one.. haha. But as much as I dislike the whole boarskin texture, I think I'm starting to ignore it just a little and focus on the other positive stuff about the planner. Besides, this was my first KS and that was the only issue I had with it. I don't think I'll be purchasing any other KS items though because of this. It's great that you have older KS without the whole boarskin texture. I, unfortunately, jumped on the bandwagon a little too late to know about these things... heh.

      But other than that, the rings are great and I agree that the amount of pockets are a big plus! And I don't really mind the tiny pen loop mostly because I'm used to not putting my pens in Filofax's pen loop as they too are small and also because I managed to make my own. Wee (:

  3. One problem I do have with the Kate Spade is the boar-skin design. For those who aren't sure / do not know, Kate Spade's Wellesley Agenda is ... ekatespade.blogspot.com

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