June 22, 2014

Filofax A5 Sketch Zipped Review

I know it's been a long time coming, but here's the final review of the Filofax A5 Sketch:

I was on a quest to find an A5 zipped Filofax, and with the sale going on at Filofaxshop, I managed to find myself one: the Sketch A5 zipped. I don't think it's very popular because of its basic design, but it's very formal looking, and would be great for the office. Not to mention, it has that added zip security so I know my iPad Mini won't be falling off anytime soon. Here is how it looks like:

It has a slip pocket at the back, which would be handy for receipts, etc. which is tight enough to ensure that nothing falls out. I'm actually quite surprised at how thin / compact it feels, despite being a zipped version, and despite having 30mm rings. It's rather quite smooth.

When you open the folder up, it automatically lays flat without any forcing or pushing. It contains six vertical card pockets on the left, with two larger pockets (supposedly meant to be for diskettes, but who uses that anymore?), and two full length vertical pockets behind an elasticised pen loop.

On the right holds a notepad pocket, a full length vertical pocket underneath and another elasticised pen loop.

The whole organiser feels quite roomy, and it definitely holds that boardroom feel to it.

However, I did notice that the smooth 'leather' areas of the binder was prone to fingerprints, but it's not too obvious unless held at certain angles.

I'm currently selling it on my eBay store (bought too many!), with the details in the 'Items For Sale' tab.
And that's the A5 Sketch Zipped!

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