June 29, 2014

Making a Midori Kraft File Insert

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I generally got the idea and guidelines from Ray Blake's site mylifeallinoneplace. It's an easy and cheap alternative to buying one from Midori. Not to mention, you can use any type of cardboard you want. Mine is going to be a manilla folder I got from Typo for just 35c! It's sturdy, pretty and works like a charm. Here's how I did it in pictures:

First and foremost, get your equipment in order:

Regular MTN, paper cutter, scissors, double sided tape and manilla folder

Then draw out the markings (full specifications found on Ray Blake's site linked above):

Cut it out:

Bend and tape:

And voila! Finished 'kraft' MTN folder. Easy peasy lemon squeezy:

And the best thing about making your own is that once it's worn out, you can throw it out and make another one without feeling guilty.

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