October 22, 2014

Blue Bazaar Promotion!

Recently, I purchased a Strathmore 500 Mixed-Media Series sketchbook from a little Australian based company called Blue Bazaar. They were brilliant in service and even provided a little packet of Jellybeans in my package! Safe to say, I was pretty happy with their service and even more so when I found out that having a blog could mean discounts for my wonderful readers!

Fast forward a few weeks and I found out that another company called Webster's Pages announced the introduction of a new set of Colour Crush planners due to be released in mid-late December. And the best part: Blue Bazaar was stocking them! For a planner lover, I was pretty ecstatic knowing that a lovely product from America, would be readily available for Aussies like myself.

So here's the scoop:

From now till the 30th of November 2014, you'll be able to purchase products* from Blue Bazaar's online store at 10% off the entire cart - which includes Webster Page's new colour crush planners! But you have to be quick: pre-orders for the Webster Pages planners are closing on the 26th of October AEST and the 10% will only apply if you order now.

And of course, I jumped at the chance to order myself one because I don't think I'll be able to find another deal like it. So get yours now! You can read all about Webster's Pages planners here.

*BLUE BAZAAR is offering readers of my blog a 10% discount on your next order.  To receive the discount include the following code in the coupon field of your order: BLOG10.    Note: discounts do not apply to items already discounted, on sale or subscription.  The code is valid until the 30th November 2014 and is available for one time use.

October 11, 2014

Kikki K 'Cute' Pink Planner Review!

I was actually debating whether or not to get this pink lovely because I too wanted the gold large Time Planner from Kikki K. But when the Gold ran out of stock and I found out that Kikki K was throwing a little giveaway on Instagram, I decided to get myself the new pink Large Time Planner. I ordered it on Wednesday, it was shipped on Thursday and it arrived Friday. Just in time for the weekend. Beautiful:

This one came in a pretty box similar to that of the Purple Time Planner (just pink). And although it's built inferiorly (more flimsy) to the past Berry / Grey planner boxes, at least there's still a box... I'm beginning to wonder if Kikki K is starting to be like Filofax now - charge more for items that are built much more inferior than before. I guess they all go down that road eventually...

But anyway, unlike the other Time Planners / Personal Planners, the leather on this one is textured. The leather is similar to that of the black textured Kikki K Large Time Planner. I must say though, that although the texture feels nice and the planner seems a lot lighter than the ordinary leather planners, it also feels... a little less leather and a little more fauxleather. You probably wouldn't know it's leather if it weren't for the fact that it's called leather. But other than that, really, it's a fantastic pink planner from Kikki K. It's bright but not too vibrant, and doesn't seem to be as puffy as the other planners (mostly due to the thinner textured leather, I guess).

On the inside:

I actually quite like the inside - it matches the pink quite well. And I love the colourful tab dividers that Kikki K has supplied with them. It makes the whole planner really vibrant and cheerful.

The planners still have that crease on the inside whenever you close it due to the fabric and the cardboard underneath, but I guess everyone has gotten immune to that:

Crease on the inside whenever you close it due to the fabric & cardboard

Unlike the other Kikki K planners though, I quite like the paper pads they've included in this pink planner too. While the Personal Planners have got that boring black and white paper, this pretty pink has a striped 'Today' notepad matching the grey and white inner fabric, and a pink bordered notepad at the back.

The rings weren't terrible either. Sure there were one or two that could have been tighter, but as long as it doesn't catch on papers, I'm not too fussed:


I took a picture comparing the Pink Kikki K to that of the Personal Pink Finsbury and if you have one of those, I can say that they're quite similar in colour - just that they have different textures:

So overall, what do I think of this one? I love it (despite everything I've said). It looks beautiful, it's sturdy, most probably cleans well if anything ever gets on it, and you definitely won't need to baby / take care of it like the limited edition mint planner that was released a while ago (by the way, the mint's getting released again in November, guys). So if you're thinking of getting one, I suggest that you do.

October 9, 2014

Filofax A5 Antique Rose Finsbury!

This purchase was literally a 'touch and go' buy. I wasn't planning to keep it all and I didn't. Someone was selling it on the Australian Planner Sell/Swap group and seeing it wasn't being picked up by anyone, I thought I'd do the honours. Besides, like I said in my Personal size Antique Rose Finsbury review, I didn't quite like the colour and still stand by that. So the moment I received it, it went straight up on the market. I didn't manage to get many pictures on it, and when I did, all I ended with were blurry ones, so please excuse them! And since I've already reviewed the Personal Antique Rose Finsbury here, this will just be a small two picture post:


The only difference between the Personal and A5 sizes were the amount of pockets the A5 had of course. The A5 had an additional notepad holder at the back, an ID card holder at the front and an extra pen loop. But other than that, it's the same ol' same ol'. I'm glad this baby will be going to a new owner who will obviously love it more than I would!

October 7, 2014

Mrs Brimbles' Yummy Scrummy Dashboards!

Guess what arrived today!

The lovely Mrs Brimbles sent me these and I could not be more excited when it showed up in my mailbox! I actually didn't expect to fall so much in love with her lovely dashboards till I had a look for myself! Although made especially for the autumnal season in the Northern Hemisphere, they're absolutely vibrant in colour and will definitely match your own Filofax any time of the year!

And look, she even included this adorable postcard for me!

Hee hee, I feel like a little girl going into a candy store. Anyway, here are more pictures of the dashboards she sent me because really, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I mean, did you just see how well all of the dashboards matched with my Yellow Original?? I don't think I'd be able to choose one! If only I could use them all at once... And if you noticed, there were also two adorable little washi cards provided which matches her elephant and turtle dashboards!

Oh, I cannot recommend her dashboards enough! I've found myself sitting on my bedroom floor trying to figure out how she came up with (and created!) these lovely dashboards. They're truly creative on a whole new level! You can find all of these adorable dashboards (and more!) on Mrs Brimbles' etsy shop by clicking here. Or you can click on her banner on the right and it'll take you straight to her store!

Thanks again for the lovely dashboards, Anna!

October 5, 2014

Filofax Pocket Orchid Aston Review!

I have officially made my mum a Planner person! After seeing my collection, especially my pocket wine Holborn, she reasoned that it'll actually be a good idea to have one for her to carry around. She'd mostly need it to carry notes rather than an actual diary, but I'm still a tad bit proud that I managed to convert her. Hah.

As I won't be using this one, I won't be sure how it pans out to be in the future, either way, here are the pictures of the Orchid Pocket Aston my mum picked on Filofaxshop's clearance sale:

No full length wallet!

On the inside:

It's a nice colour, and my mum seemed to very much like it as well, so I guess it's a good match! However, if I were to purchase this for myself, I think it would have gone up onto the market sooner rather than later. I was thinking the orchid would be a nicer purple, so I have in fact been let down a little. Also, why the lack of a full length back pocket? It would've been a tad bit better if there were one, but alas, it's missing one just like the Finchley pocket. I guess the Aston and Finchley are more similar than thought. I wonder why no one is as crazy about the Aston as they are about the Finchleys... (other than the beautiul colours the Finchleys had, of course...)

But either way, this Filofax has made Mummy bear happy and that's all that really counts!