October 5, 2014

Filofax Pocket Orchid Aston Review!

I have officially made my mum a Planner person! After seeing my collection, especially my pocket wine Holborn, she reasoned that it'll actually be a good idea to have one for her to carry around. She'd mostly need it to carry notes rather than an actual diary, but I'm still a tad bit proud that I managed to convert her. Hah.

As I won't be using this one, I won't be sure how it pans out to be in the future, either way, here are the pictures of the Orchid Pocket Aston my mum picked on Filofaxshop's clearance sale:

No full length wallet!

On the inside:

It's a nice colour, and my mum seemed to very much like it as well, so I guess it's a good match! However, if I were to purchase this for myself, I think it would have gone up onto the market sooner rather than later. I was thinking the orchid would be a nicer purple, so I have in fact been let down a little. Also, why the lack of a full length back pocket? It would've been a tad bit better if there were one, but alas, it's missing one just like the Finchley pocket. I guess the Aston and Finchley are more similar than thought. I wonder why no one is as crazy about the Aston as they are about the Finchleys... (other than the beautiul colours the Finchleys had, of course...)

But either way, this Filofax has made Mummy bear happy and that's all that really counts!


  1. This is one of my favourite colours, I love it *___* But I'm not crazy about those oblique stitches (though I love the stintching in the middle of the strap!).

    All in all, it looks very classy. Your mother made a great choice! Especially since she will only use it to carry around notes, because she probably won't be needing much storage space and won't suffer the lack of a bigger back pocket - Though why they made it so small I can't understand. On a pocket size planner, one would think it would be a good idea to use ALL the space!

  2. Gostaria de saber quanto custa uma