October 7, 2014

Mrs Brimbles' Yummy Scrummy Dashboards!

Guess what arrived today!

The lovely Mrs Brimbles sent me these and I could not be more excited when it showed up in my mailbox! I actually didn't expect to fall so much in love with her lovely dashboards till I had a look for myself! Although made especially for the autumnal season in the Northern Hemisphere, they're absolutely vibrant in colour and will definitely match your own Filofax any time of the year!

And look, she even included this adorable postcard for me!

Hee hee, I feel like a little girl going into a candy store. Anyway, here are more pictures of the dashboards she sent me because really, a picture is worth a thousand words!

I mean, did you just see how well all of the dashboards matched with my Yellow Original?? I don't think I'd be able to choose one! If only I could use them all at once... And if you noticed, there were also two adorable little washi cards provided which matches her elephant and turtle dashboards!

Oh, I cannot recommend her dashboards enough! I've found myself sitting on my bedroom floor trying to figure out how she came up with (and created!) these lovely dashboards. They're truly creative on a whole new level! You can find all of these adorable dashboards (and more!) on Mrs Brimbles' etsy shop by clicking here. Or you can click on her banner on the right and it'll take you straight to her store!

Thanks again for the lovely dashboards, Anna!

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  1. Those are amazing! She did a wonderful job. They look great in your filofax!