May 25, 2015


Going to start a trail of completed pages in my Midori which will hopefully spring some ideas into others. Today I did this coffee layout using the bare minimum materials:

Midori Page

The background was made with actual coffee. All you need is your cup of coffee, make sure the edges of the cup is coated with spilled coffee then stamp it onto your pages. Do make sure that your paper will be able to hold up to wet mediums though. I'm using the official Midori plan refill and I know that it can take wet medium to some degree. Just make sure you don't flood your paper as it will end up showing through at the back!

So here's a list of items used:
1- Versafine onyx black unload
2- Sweet Stamp Shop Coffee stamps
3- Canon Selphy CP910 (for the photo)
4- Coffee and your coffee cup
5- Aged book paper (in my case, it was an aged music sheet)

There really is an abundant of ways to do this layout and nothing is of course, set in stone. I like to use whatever I have around the house and edit as I go. The main aim is to always have fun and experiment!

May 24, 2015


Today I attempted to make a Midori insert for cards and miscellaneous items from felt material. It wasn't hard and once you got the measurements right and cut to perfection using a rotary cutter, the sewing part was a breeze. Or so I thought. This was the end product:

Handmade Midori Felt Insert!

It doesn't look bad, and it really wasn't that hard... except for the fact that I kept getting the strings tangled up creating this massive blob of knotted strings at the back of the material (oops). But if you weigh up the costs to what you might find on etsy etc. going handmade maybe isn't so bad.. especially if you're trying it out for the first time, and aren't too sure if a professionally made item is right for you.

Here's a list of the materials I used, from where I purchased and the total costs:
1- Navy blue felt from Lincraft x 2 - $0.98
2- Scissors
3- Sewing machine

Seeing that I already had the last two items at home (and I'm sure you would too), the total cost of this project was less than $2. Pretty cheap if you asked me. And if things don't work out, I won't even feel bad for leaving it in a corner to collect dust. Hah

May 23, 2015


Just a little update: as you can see, I've been doing a little revamping of my blog layout. Going to try for a clean and simple layout this time, and hopefully, it'll give me more incentive to flood my posts with pictures to compensate. Starting with:

I've been trying to mix crafting with food lately, trying to get into grips with using my camera (mostly that provided on an iPhone 6), and trying to make the most of editing softwares. I'm hoping for a more diverse blog too, so ways to edit your photos, programs I use, etc would start to flow into here in the future. Besides, now that I'm almost a year and a half into planning, the planner craze has died down a little for me and now I'm using it purely for what it is meant to be used for: planning. I've taken more of a liking to my Midori due to its versatility and leather goodness (and its photogenic properties, of course), so you'll definitely see more of that to come.

Times are changing friends, and hopefully that'll be a good thing for you, me and this blog!

May 22, 2015


I was meant to post this a while ago for the #listersgottalist challenge but time got the better of me. But I guess better late than never, no?

Friday: My Phobias

As I was rushed for time, needing to help mum in the kitchen and needing to study for upcoming exams, I decided to do a simple layout for day 10, using scrap paper I had lying around for it all. The resources used in this layout included:

1- Flower: Maggie Holmes Open Book Ephemera
2- Project Life cards: Maggie Holmes
3- Newspaper print: Pebbles Happy Day paper pad
4- Dotted washi
5- Brown number paper: Kaisercraft
6- Black paper


Saturday: Best Things about Being a Kid

Confession: I actually already had this page pre-made from a previous 'art journal' but was left unused. So since I was rushed for time, I decided to reuse it and it worked perfectly for this prompt! Items used in this layout included:

1- Scrapbook paper: unknown - I've been hoarding these for years
2- World Globe & Paint palette sticker: unknown - it came in a pack with the scrapbook papers
3- Ruled paper sticky note: Little B from Officeworks
4- Black and white striped washi
5- Ruler: Kaisercraft paper pad
6- 'Bam!' sticky note: Typo
7- Vintage brown clip; MT washi tape
8- Timetable (top right: my actual uni timetable for a little added personalisation. Hee

Hope this has given some inspiration to you lovelies out there!