May 25, 2015


Going to start a trail of completed pages in my Midori which will hopefully spring some ideas into others. Today I did this coffee layout using the bare minimum materials:

Midori Page

The background was made with actual coffee. All you need is your cup of coffee, make sure the edges of the cup is coated with spilled coffee then stamp it onto your pages. Do make sure that your paper will be able to hold up to wet mediums though. I'm using the official Midori plan refill and I know that it can take wet medium to some degree. Just make sure you don't flood your paper as it will end up showing through at the back!

So here's a list of items used:
1- Versafine onyx black unload
2- Sweet Stamp Shop Coffee stamps
3- Canon Selphy CP910 (for the photo)
4- Coffee and your coffee cup
5- Aged book paper (in my case, it was an aged music sheet)

There really is an abundant of ways to do this layout and nothing is of course, set in stone. I like to use whatever I have around the house and edit as I go. The main aim is to always have fun and experiment!

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