May 23, 2015


Just a little update: as you can see, I've been doing a little revamping of my blog layout. Going to try for a clean and simple layout this time, and hopefully, it'll give me more incentive to flood my posts with pictures to compensate. Starting with:

I've been trying to mix crafting with food lately, trying to get into grips with using my camera (mostly that provided on an iPhone 6), and trying to make the most of editing softwares. I'm hoping for a more diverse blog too, so ways to edit your photos, programs I use, etc would start to flow into here in the future. Besides, now that I'm almost a year and a half into planning, the planner craze has died down a little for me and now I'm using it purely for what it is meant to be used for: planning. I've taken more of a liking to my Midori due to its versatility and leather goodness (and its photogenic properties, of course), so you'll definitely see more of that to come.

Times are changing friends, and hopefully that'll be a good thing for you, me and this blog!


  1. Love the post! Love love love the pic!!! Oh. And the Midori cuz it's lovely!

    1. Aw thanks darl! Really appreciate your sweet comments! :)