September 30, 2014

Kikki K Medium Fabric Planner Review

A while ago when this first came out, I was itching to buy it. So I did. But as time passed, I decided that I will probably never use it (despite how pretty it looks) because well... it's fabric and I can feel it getting dirtier with each touch. So I sold it. And it's a good thing I managed to. But just because this pretty is no longer in my hands doesn't mean I can't give a mini review on it:

This is how it looks:

The picture is a little dark, but it's a nice light pink - definitely not like the purple the current Live Bright planners are. It's soft and lays absolutely flat when opened which was quite surprising for me.

The insides:

One thing I find ironic about the fabric planner was how pretty it looked on the inside compared to the leather planner. Each divider had a special design on them and even the back note pages were purple and pretty:

So like I said, it's a pretty planner, no doubt, but unlike the blue fabric planner for 2014, you just know that it'll get dirty within minutes. For someone who throws their planner in their bag without a care in the world, this planner was definitely not for me.

September 29, 2014

Filofax Personal Bright Purple Saffiano Review!

I never thought I'd like a non-leather planner, but Filofax never fails to amaze me. One of my purchases during Filofaxshop's Spring Clearance was this bright purple personal size Saffiano for literally $23 shipped. I was thinking, if I ended up not liking it, I could always sell it or pass it on to one my newbie friends. Looking at pictures of it online, I always thought that the Saffiano would have a hard plastic feel to it, but I was actually so surprised at how it felt and looked when I actually had it in my hands. Here are some of the pictures to start of with first though:

Leather-type Feel

The Saffiano actually had this squishy cover feel to it, probably almost the same as the Willow, just a different and much nicer texture plastic. The colour is vibrant and although I would have much preferred the Aqua, I still like how bright and happy the Purple is.


I'm not a big fan of the Saffiano pockets though but for the price, I'm willing to live with it. It has 3 card slots at the front along with a full length secretarial pocket at the back. It's the same format for the back cover, except there are no card slots. It came with 2015 inserts and seems to be able to hold quite a lot. I've yet to put it to the test, but I have high hopes for this one.

Overall, I definitely surprisingly like it more than I thought I would, and this will definitely match some vibrant dividers in the near future.

September 28, 2014

Filofax Mini Grey Malden Review!

So like the Pocket Osterley I reviewed here, the next one I will be reviewing is the Mini Malden I purchased from Filofaxshop's Spring Sale. I was torn between the vintage pink and the grey and decided to go for the grey - which I now regret. Either way, it was still a good purchase and I don't actually regret getting this Mini Malden. Here are the pictures of it:

On the inside:

There aren't too many pockets. It has the usual zippered pocket out the front and two more credit card pockets behind it. On the back cover held another 2 credit card pockets.

I'm not sure if Filofax sells credit card inserts for the Mini but I have read somewhere that they actually don't (do correct me if I'm wrong). But, I have checked that ordinary plastic card holders can in fact fit into the Mini (in particular, the one they sell in Muji).

The insides of the mini Malden are simple - 5 tiny rings with week-on-two-pages inserts, ruled pages and A-Z address dividers.

I actually wasn't sure if the Malden had the top full-wallet opening as all the pictures I've browsed through online didn't seem to have it. So it was safe to say that I was very very happy that this little one did in fact have one:

Wallet compartment
I know I already have the Finchley and it could not possible be replaced by another Filofax, but seeing my uni bag gets heavy at times (because of all the secret shopping I do going to and from uni), I decided that my Finchley wouldn't be wise to carry around all the time. This is where the Mini Malden steps in.

I would love to carry my Pocket Holborn around (review coming soon), but it too is just a little too big to slip easily into my pocket. The Mini Malden seems to be perfect all round. The page size for the Mini, although small, also turns out to be about half a size of an A6 (the width of an A6 is the length of the mini page), so I'm going to assume making blank pages for it isn't going to be too difficult. The only 'problem' I will have with it is the hole punch. I will most probably need to get myself a 0.3cm single hole punch so it'll fit nicely into my Malden. My current hole punch punches holes just a tad bit too big for this little one.

But either way, I've yet to put the Mini Malden to the test of every day use, but it looks promising!

September 26, 2014

Filofax Pocket Grey Osterley Review!

So amongst the many Filofaxes I purchased from Filofaxshop during their Spring clearance sale was the Pocket Grey Osterley. I was hoping they would put up their personal / compact size for sale, but to no luck. I was, however, looking for a Pocket sized planner recently, so I guess it was a sign..

Here are the pictures of the Grey Osterley:



I love that every Filofax I buy from Filofaxshop comes in the black box. I know this just means that it's an old stock, but I still prefer the black box over the cheap plastic covers any day.

On the inside:

Full length pocket

It doesn't lay completely flat at first, but I'm surprised at how easy it was to open it up. It doesn't have that restriction seen in the Finsbury, and I just know that with a little training, the Osterley will be able to lay flat without any troubles.

I must say though, despite its beauty, I don't think I will ever be able to use it as a wallet. It just doesn't seem right for the job despite its full length wallet. It's too... classy for that. I would probably end up storing this on a shelf to be looked at, and not so much to be used. And so, I decided to sell it to someone who was ISO of this for a while. She was happy with the price too, and so, everyone won in this case

September 25, 2014

Filofax Personal Teal Finchley Review!

Oh I have dreamt of this day! I actually cannot believe I am now a proud owner of a teal Finchley! And I love that I wasn't even looking for it when I found it! I will be forever grateful for the beautiful lady who sold this unicorn to me on Facebook's Planner Swap/Sell group.

And it's funny, I was always hoping that I could trade my Mustard Finchley for a Teal and though I didn't get to, I managed to sell my Mustard the same night I bought my Teal! So technically, it was kinda like a trade... just with different people. Haha! And I'm actually so glad I managed to get this Teal in a really (almost new) condition! It was in excellent condition with no marks, dents, smell etc! Oh, the odds were definitely in my favour that night! But enough with my gushing, lets get to the pictures:

As with any other Finchley, this was just absolute beautiful to the touch. It was soft and squishy and the colour was definitely divine. And if I may say so myself, this Finchley is actually nicer than the Aqua Malden I received in terms of texture and colour!

Now to the insides:

I must admit, I was a little skeptical buying this at first. After my not-so-pleasing first second-hand purchase of my Malden Aqua on a Facebook swap/sell group, I was expecting the Finchley to be of somewhat similar condition. But when I picked this baby up from the post office, tore the packaging open on the train, held my breath and opened the lid, I was blown away by how perfect the condition of the Finchley was. It was practically brand new with no marks / dents / imperfections in sight. It even still had that beautiful leather smell! It's safe to say, this Finchley ticked all the right boxes for me.

To say I love it would be an understatement, because I really truly do! At the time of writing this post, I had already moved all my contents from my Malden into my new Finchley and I think the one thing I will miss with the Malden are the back pockets. Admittedly, I don't quite use the pockets much, so I'm not too fussed about it, but in terms of familiarity, I much prefer Malden's pockets. But either way, I'm still (very) happy with this change, and I'll probably be over it by the time you've finished reading this sentence.

Lastly, here are some comparison pictures just for the sake of completeness:

My battered Malden and my perfect new Teal Finchley
Teal Finchley and Bright Purple Saffiano
My Lamy Pen matches!

September 23, 2014

Fujifilm Instax Sp-1

Again, this is not a review, it's mostly just a picture filled post dedicated for my love of this printer. I actually cannot recommend it enough! It combines the old and new together in one pack! Of course, it's a little bit pricey, but I definitely do not regret getting it whatsoever! So for those of you who loves Polaroids and love using your phone camera, this is the thing for you:

I purchased mine off eBay which I must admit, I do regret, because for the time waiting, the little bit of hassle and the lack of (expensive) batteries that came with it, I would've probably been better off purchasing from JB Hi Fi. But either way, now that it's here, I cannot be more relieved that the item works well and isn't giving me any troubles.

And now, I'm off to play with it and print all my treasured photos!

September 22, 2014

Filofax Personal Aqua Malden Review!

So guess what I found on Facebook a week ago?

Yes. An Aqua Malden. And guess what I did with it the moment I received it? I sold it. Some may think I'm mad, but I honestly do not regret it. And here's why:

Don't get me wrong, the aqua is definitely a beautiful colour and if you're still looking for it, I suggest you do. The one problem I had with it was: it wasn't brand new. I mean, I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought it, but I never knew the fact that it wasn't brand new would bother me so much till I got the Aqua and was a little bit let down. It was in excellent condition no doubt, but I miss the original leather smell an organiser has when it's brand new. And because of this, I knew for a fact I wouldn't bond with it whatsoever, and it would probably just end up on my shelf. So why not sell it, no? Besides, with the money, I managed to get myself 4 new Filofaxes on Filofaxshop's sale.

But anyway, enough of my sob story, lets get some pictures on the road:


I must admit, after playing with it for a while, I might have gone a tad bit attached, and maybe just had that 1% of remorse for selling this beauty already. But that was quickly resolved when I put it out of my sight.

The rings were in perfect condition too, so I'm pretty sure her next owner will be pleased:

Oh, and a photo set isn't complete without a twinsies shot with its Ochre brother!

Comparing the colours, I think I really do prefer the ochre compared to the Aqua (don't shoot me!). It ages so much better and I love the air of antiquity it holds compared to the Aqua which kinda looses the 'antique leather' status due to the bright colour. But that's just my opinion. It's still a lovely colour on the Malden no doubt, and if I were to be able to find it brand new for a 'reasonable' price, I will surely snap it up again. But for now, I have to say au revoir!

September 21, 2014

Filofax Pennybridge iPad Mini Case Winner!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who got involved in my giveaway! However, I can only choose one winner this week to get the lovely Pennybridge iPad Mini case. So in order to make the process a little fairer and decrease the bias, I have decided to put all your emails into a random generator. Unlike other giveaways, this is unfortunately my last (for now) giveaway so I'm really sorry if you missed out this time around. Remember, DIYFish and Mrs Brimbles are still holding competitions for theirs so head over to their blogs for more chances to win! You can read all about the giveaways I held here.

But now to the moment you've all been waiting for. This week's winner of my first Filofax giveaway is...

Katie Horsborough!
who currently owns a Lilac Kikki K

Congratulations Katie! A brand spankin' new Pennybridge iPad Mini case will be heading your way soon! Please email me your best postal details and I will get the Filofax out to you ASAP!

Thanks again to all those who participated,

September 20, 2014

Kikki K A5 Compendium

This is not a review. I just wanted to put pictures up of my A5 Kikki K Berry compendium just because. Hee. So here they are:

It's currently on sale (as seen from the 50% off sticker) and with my $10 birthday voucher, this pretty thing went down from $80 to just $30. Not bad for a pretty leather thing, don't you think?

September 19, 2014

Australia's Filofaxshop is on SALE (again!)

Just to let my beautiful readers know, Australia's very own Filofaxshop is on sale again for Spring! Their selection isn't as great as their last clearance sale, but there might still be something out there for you! I'm not sure how shipping is like worldwide but definitely get on their site if you're in Australia / NZ! For me, unlike their last clearance where I spent my savings on A5s and Personals, this time, Minis, Pockets (and just one Personal) were put into my cart. More specifically:

1- Mini Malden in Grey (I just couldn't decide between the Vintage Pink and Grey though!)
2- Pocket Holborn in Wine
3- Pocket Osterley in Grey
4- Personal Saffiano in Bright Purple

I was on the hunt for pocket and mini sized Filofaxes to try out recently but 'knowing' (more like, having a gut feeling) that Filofaxshop was probably going to throw another clearance sale for the change in season, I was a good girl and waited it out. And I'm glad I did. Their prices for Filofaxes really does drop when it's clearance time, so I'm glad with my purchases. And because I'll be getting new Filofaxes next week, there will definitely be review posts on each of them so stay tuned!

NB. I am not affiliated with Filofaxshop in any way. I just thought to let you guys know as my blog will definitely not be running if not for you planner addicts!

September 18, 2014

Filofax Personal Mustard Finchley Review!

The Finchley Mustard. It seems like everyone is searching for it in USA, but down under in Australia, they're sitting unloved on a shelf in a discounted store. So of course, I had to take it under my wing and love it the way it should! And before I get into the details of this lovely rare 'unicorn' Filofax, here are some pictures for you to drool over:


The only 'problem' I had with it from the store I purchased it from was this small little black dot seen on the front cover near the strap. Barely noticeable though, so I don't quite mind for the price. And the rarity. It's still a much better find, price and condition than purchasing it from someone second hand on some Facebook planner swap / sell groups, that's for sure.

On the inside holds 6 individual card holders and one full length vertical pocket on the right and one zippered full length pocket on the left:

Zippered mesh pocket on the back

The rings were good and snapped shut with no problem:

The Finchley is definitely soft and squishy like everyone seems to say. I do think that it is overrated though, but that may just be for this coloured Finchley. I personally prefer the vintage rose (like everyone else does) and the teal, but beggars can't be choosers, and at the time I was writing this, I was really hoping I could trade this mustard for the teal, and guess what? Not long after, someone was actually selling an new and unused teal Finchley! I didn't get to trade it with my Mustard though, but on the very same night, I managed to sell my Mustard for a price I bought the Teal for! The odds were definitely in my favour that night! So I am currently now (im)patiently waiting for my Teal to arrive so I can drool over it!

But wait, back to the topic at hand:

The Mustard Finchley, I find, doesn't actually have a nice yellow shade. It's darker than the yellow Original, and if not for the fact that it's rare, discontinued and affordable, I probably wouldn't have picked it up. Either way, this beauty is on its way to US as I type this up and I'm sure it'll be loved much more by its new owner than if it were in my hands.

Next up on the list to review: Teal Finchley!