September 16, 2014

Filofax A5 Ochre Malden Review

I couldn't wait any longer. Amazon was just being ridiculous with the waiting period for the A5 Ochre Malden so I decided to purchase another from eBay. It was of course, more expensive, but I needed my A5 Ochre, so I just went ahead and got myself one. And it was a beauty.

I ordered mine on the 4th of September and it arrived on the 15th. 11 days isn't too bad seeing it was all the way from Germany, but when it did came, oh, I was not disappointed. Just like its little brother, the Malden was beautiful in more ways than one. Here are the pictures:


It came in the new plastic sleeve which was fine seeing I can now carry it around in the plastic sleeve to keep it as pristine as possible. Hah.


Lays flat without even trying

There were TWO pen loops inside this A5 Malden! Not that I'll use either of them but for some reason, this made me more excited than usual...

Pen loop on the inside of the front cover
Notepad holder at the back with full leather pen loop

The rings were absolutely beautiful. I think Filofax may have stepped it up a little with the 2015 model because the rings were tight in opening and closing and you'll hear a very satisfying snap everytime you close it. And of course, needless to say, there were no gaps / misalignment with the rings either:

Comparing the A5 with the Personal Malden:

Personal and A5 Malden

There was definitely a difference in the leather of the Personal and A5 Malden. Maybe it's because I've used the Personal for a while and hence is a little battered, but it seems like the A5 has a much smoother and less wrinkly feel to it. I'm pretty sure this will change as I start using it and throwing it around though. Either way, I love them both in every way possible!

Yes I do!


  1. The Malden is gorgeous. I love the colour, the beautiful strap, everything.

    1. It really is beautiful! And it smells beautiful too ;)

  2. Mmmmm so gorgeous. I"m beginning my hunt for the perfect A5 and I keep coming back to the Malden :)

    1. Oh, you'll love the Malden if you so decide to get one! The only thing about the Malden is that it's extremely floppy. So if you're looking for something sturdy enough to write on without a table, the Malden might pose a slight problem...

  3. Where do you find these planners and what do they run

    1. Hi dear,
      My planners come from a variety of places. It can be from eBay, Filofax shops, instore, or Facebook Planner Selling groups. I'm not too sure what you mean by 'what do they run', but if you mean price, then they vary in price as well depending on their size, material they're made of, rarity, etc :)