September 15, 2014

Filofax Pennybridge iPad Mini Case Review and Giveaway!

Do forgive me if this review seems a little rushed (because in actual fact, it is) but I have been so busy lately, so bear with me. We have unfortunately come to my last and final giveaway for my Pimp My Filofax winnings and the last Filofax I'll be giving away will be this suave little Pennybridge iPad Mini Case in Royal Blue. (You can read all about the giveaways I've held here.)

So here are some of the pictures of the item before I get down with the little review:

Inside has an A5 notepad holder (which came with the Filofax notepad), an elastic pen holder and two elastic pockets:

Orientation 1: iPad Mini Sideways
Orientation 2: iPad Mini Standing Upright

General Opinions:
I must first applaud Filofax's effort into finally bringing out an iPad Mini case into their line (although it took a while), as there is of course an increase in iPad Mini users (particularly myself) since its first launch. Admittedly, I currently use another case for my iPad Mini called Incase, which I purchased for just $9.99 on an Australian website called Catch of the Day. It's much heavier than the Pennybridge case but does seem a little bit more sturdier. Here's how mine looks like:

The Pennybridge's plastic iPad Mini holder does seem a little flimsy and the iPad seems to be able to come in and out of the holder quite easily. Although this may sound good to some, for me, it just means that the iPad may very well fall off easily too if not properly put in. Unlike my Incase iPad cover, where you'll hear a satisfactory click sound ensuring it is well held, the Pennybridge doesn't have that property. However, please don't take my word for it. It may very well hold the iPad Mini absolutely securely. I haven't put the item into use so I would not know how well it works.

I do, however, like the fact that you can turn the iPad around vertically or horizontally to suit your needs.

I must admit though, for the price Filofax is currently selling their iPad Mini Pennybridge cover for, I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it. I think Filofax can and need to improve on some aspects of their case such as the actual iPad holder to make it a more durable product. But that's just me. I may be having too high standards nowadays...

The Giveaway Details:
So despite all I've said, at the end of the day, I know that if I were reading this, I'd still enter this giveaway because admit it, a free item is still a free item and who doesn't love free things?! To enter, all you have to do is email me ( with:
1- Your name
2- Your current favourite planner / planner you wish to have
3- Put the subject as: Letters in November's Pennybridge Giveaway

That's it! Couldn't be easier than that. Competition closes Saturday, 20th of September at 11:59PM. One winner will be chosen randomly and I will announce it on Sunday, 21sh of September.

Good luck to all!

NB. I was not paid for this review. The lovely Nike from Filofax sent me this pretty Pennybridge as my winnings on the recent Pimp My Filofax challenge, but as you can see from my review, the fact that I got the item for free definitely did not influence my opinions in any way.

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  1. I agree with you, it's way too expensive for an item you can easily find at the same quality and WAY cheaper. It is true that it also has a notepad holder and a filofax notepad, but that still doesn't justify selling it for 30£, not when there is so much competition on the market.

    Lovely color though, and I will enter the giveaway - I may not want to spend too much for it, but I'd love to have one!