September 4, 2014

Filofax Personal Pink Finny Review!

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I seem to always be in a cycle of buying and selling my Finsburys. I don't think I've ever kept one for more than 3 weeks... but I think this one will be different; this one is actually pulling my heartstrings in ways I never thought would be possible. And it's pink!

I found this little pretty in a shop on Melbourne's Elizabeth St called Pen City. I've seen it on the shopfront display for weeks but never thought to actually ask for it (mostly because I wasn't bothered), but on a bright and sunny afternoon on the 30th of August, I decided to get it. For a good price too. Every Filofax in the shop was currently 50% (which includes Personal, Mustard and Red Finchleys, Pocket Pink, Green and Chocolate Finchleys etc.) but the thing is: they don't keep them in their covers. They leave it on the shelf for people to touch, feel and mishandle. Most of the Filofax on the shelf, although new, have unsightly bottom edges due to their rubbing against the shelf etc and it has actually destroyed the Filofax (even if minimally). The pink Finny, however, hasn't been mishandled mostly due to the fact that it was stored away from people's reach (thankfully), so it was in perfect condition - even the rings were great - so of course I had to get it.

So here comes the pictures:

Pretty in Pink!

I must admit, although this Finny is the same like any other Finnys I've had, in the sense that it will not for the life of me lay flat, the leather is somewhat... softer / more pliable than any I've experienced. Unfortunately for me, I've never actually owned more than one Finsbury at a time as I keep selling them, so I can't exactly compare. But unlike other Finnys, (I have learned my lesson with the blue), I will definitely be keeping this baby no matter what. If anyone sees me selling it, slap me and throw these words back at me. Thanks.

Now to the insides:

My thumb looks anorexic.. but ok

And as usual, Filofax had to spoil it all by having slit pockets in the Finny. I tried putting a card into its pockets but it's such a tight fit that I just give up altogether. I know that if I force it in, the sides of the pocket will expand and make the Filofax unsightly as ever, and I'm definitely not going to risk that in this baby.

The rings were great though; no gaps / misalignment (although you can barely distinguish it in the picture below..):

And like all Finsburys, this has an all leather strap in which I will barely (or rather, never) use:

Leather pen strap

I love it... despite the fact that I'm always an anti-pink person. I think for once, I'm prepared to make an exception because this beauty is just too damn lovely. And rare. That too.