September 28, 2014

Filofax Mini Grey Malden Review!

So like the Pocket Osterley I reviewed here, the next one I will be reviewing is the Mini Malden I purchased from Filofaxshop's Spring Sale. I was torn between the vintage pink and the grey and decided to go for the grey - which I now regret. Either way, it was still a good purchase and I don't actually regret getting this Mini Malden. Here are the pictures of it:

On the inside:

There aren't too many pockets. It has the usual zippered pocket out the front and two more credit card pockets behind it. On the back cover held another 2 credit card pockets.

I'm not sure if Filofax sells credit card inserts for the Mini but I have read somewhere that they actually don't (do correct me if I'm wrong). But, I have checked that ordinary plastic card holders can in fact fit into the Mini (in particular, the one they sell in Muji).

The insides of the mini Malden are simple - 5 tiny rings with week-on-two-pages inserts, ruled pages and A-Z address dividers.

I actually wasn't sure if the Malden had the top full-wallet opening as all the pictures I've browsed through online didn't seem to have it. So it was safe to say that I was very very happy that this little one did in fact have one:

Wallet compartment
I know I already have the Finchley and it could not possible be replaced by another Filofax, but seeing my uni bag gets heavy at times (because of all the secret shopping I do going to and from uni), I decided that my Finchley wouldn't be wise to carry around all the time. This is where the Mini Malden steps in.

I would love to carry my Pocket Holborn around (review coming soon), but it too is just a little too big to slip easily into my pocket. The Mini Malden seems to be perfect all round. The page size for the Mini, although small, also turns out to be about half a size of an A6 (the width of an A6 is the length of the mini page), so I'm going to assume making blank pages for it isn't going to be too difficult. The only 'problem' I will have with it is the hole punch. I will most probably need to get myself a 0.3cm single hole punch so it'll fit nicely into my Malden. My current hole punch punches holes just a tad bit too big for this little one.

But either way, I've yet to put the Mini Malden to the test of every day use, but it looks promising!


  1. I think they filofax sells side opening envelopes for minis, do they count as card holders? :P

    Tiny filo but a great post :D

    1. Thanks Susana! Hmm, I haven't heard of those side opening envelopes before but I'll sure check it out! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I have been looking around for exactly this mini Malden for a while now but sigh.. No luck. It seems out of production or something. Ochre would be fine or purple, but grey is acceptable otherwise. Any idea I can get one?

    1. Unfortunately, yes, the grey mini Malden has been discontinued. You will be lucky to find one around these days. You should try looking at Facebook Filofax Sale groups. A mini Malden will usually pop up once in a while. Maybe you can even try the Filofax UK site too :)

  3. Thanks for your advice Nadia. Meantime I have gone to eBay and maybe can get a used one from there, still in the process of buying.