September 2, 2014

Unbranded Yellow Planner Review

When I was on lunch break during my clinical rotations, I decided to hop into a shop near the hospital. I was mainly just browsing, not looking for anything in particular when I came across this:

I couldn't say it was love at first sight seeing I already own a Yellow Filofax, but the colour really was gorgeous and as bright as my Original. But see, the thing I didn't realise was the inside, and it was probably the insides (and the price) that made me get myself one. I mean, it even came with a free ballpoint pen!

Zip pocket!
The insides remind me a lot of the Large Kikki K planners. If only they had incorporated this style in the Medium Kikki K. I have always wondered why they didn't, and thought that maybe it was just too small for a zippered pocket, but this planner just proved otherwise.


The back even held a notepad holder with the elastic pen holder located on the strap. Not too sure about whether this holder placement is a good idea as yet though seeing I haven't actually tried it out.

The rings were perfect too - no gaps / misalignment as most Filofax seems to have currently:

The only cons I can see this planner having includes:
1- It's not leather
2- It shows imprints really easily, so you have to be careful and store it on flat grounds to prevent any dents.

Comparing to the yellow Original Personal:

The Original is a small shade darker (and made of leather) but if you compare the prices of which the Original is probably 10x more expensive, I say you can't exactly complain. If this unbranded planner was leather, it would probably have won me over in an instant.

I have sold some to my US friends on Facebook and as such, the store where I bought this from has officially sold out (lol). I may sell this yellow in the future though, so keep a look out on my 'Items for Sale' tab :)


  1. Thank you for that review its a very nice planner. Thought a little confused on if you sell them of course when ever you can get your hands on them?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, hmm, I get your question but Im finding it a little hard to reply in the right words: to be honest, I'm not someone who sells planners as a side business etc, I buy planners with the intention of using it for myself. I just sell my planners when I need the money / know I wont use it but someone else might find a better use for it. But if I'm selling the one I have and a large quantity of people wants it and I know that I can get it, I'll help out and get some for those who wants it. I hope that helps :)

  2. This is exactly the same as the Target planners :) I had a blue one earlier this year.