September 11, 2014

Filofax Personal Original Nude Review

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As a birthday present to myself, I managed to get my hands on a wishlist item I've been searching for: the Original Personal Nude. I must say, it was quite a heart attack getting this. I purchased it on eBay through a seller called quickdraw_stationery. They had it on sale previously for AUS$90+ but I was on the fence about it and later regretted it when I saw that it had been sold out. But on the 30th of August, it had come back on sale again and I was notified by eBay emails (the one time I'm actually grateful for eBay notifications!). There were only 3 available for that same $90 price with only one left available by the time I got on it. So of course, I didn't hesitate and went on a clicking spree to make sure I was the one who bought it. And of course, I did. Hee.

It arrived Wednesday morning and I must admit, I think I had my expectations up just a tad bit too high for this one, and I'm not sure why, but I was a bit let down that I didn't have that ooh and aah appreciation as I did when I first saw my Malden. But either way, it's still pretty and it's growing on me as I speak! Just a little note to my readers: this post won't be so much a review as it will be a load of pictures as I have reviewed the Original multiple times now. You can find a review of the Original Pillarbox Red here and the Yellow here, So here comes the pictures:


I like the fact that it's black on the inside, yet having the strap a darker beige colour. Their colour match for this nude was very well chosen.

Comparing to the Yellow and Pillarbox Red:

I'm looking forward to making dividers for this one!


  1. Love the last pic! I would love to see a picture with the aqua orginal too! :)

  2. Gorgeous! It's very pretty.

  3. I love it! I never bought one in nude because I'm way too messy and it would get dirty and stained in no time, but I consider it the most elegant color for a planner. Not too serious like the black and the brown ones, but still doesn't "pop". It's beautiful!

  4. Thank you for sharing photos of the inside.