June 15, 2014

Filofax 'The Original' Personal Yellow Review

As much as I loved my blue Finny, and actually felt a little saddened that it took less than 3 hours for it to be sold on eBay, its inability to lay flat was making the bonding process too difficult. So I traded it over for the rare Original Yellow. I found it on Peter's of Kensington, again, and I must say, I was quite surprised that they actually managed to get some in stock. It seemed like the Yellow Original was always on 'temporarily out of stock', so I assumed that it probably forever will be. So when it did come back in stock, I snatched it up in a jiffy.

It arrived faster than the last two Filofax - I was able to get it in 3 days as was always expected. They gift wrapped my item again, this time, with pink wrapper and ribbons:

Pink package for my Yellow Original!

I've seen a couple of Yellow Original Filofaxes around the web and I really do love the summery, sunshine feel it has to it. So I was quite excited to tear open the package to see how the yellow was. I was hoping it wouldn't be the likes of a yellow highlighter, and I wasn't disappointed. It was a nice warm yellow. Not too bright and not too pale. It was just right:

Yellow Personal Original!
Yellow popper!
Mmm leather..

It came in the usual plastic packaging, and when I took it away, the organiser felt so smooooth! It was smoother than my Aqua, I must say. The Aqua had a little grain-feel to it, but the yellow was just buttery smooth.

To the insides:

Engraved Filofax seal

It lay flat right out the plastic sleeve. Beautiful.

It has the usual two card slits and the vertical pocket on the front cover and the notepad holder and vertical pocket at the back


The inside rings were perfect, and the leather didn't have any marks like the fluoro Orange did (yay!)

Great rings

Now comparing the yellow to the Aqua:

Yellow Personal with Aqua A5 Originals
Love the contrast!

The yellow and Malden have now become my two utmost favourite pair, I must say, and I'm currently trying to find a function for the both of them. However, I don't think that will work, which means the yellow might stay in hiding for a while before it comes out to play in Spring / Summer.

Now to end the post with pictures of my Malden and Yellow together:

Yellow with the Malden!


  1. The yellow is a lovely colour, as is the dark aqua. I actually really like the Original range from the outside - it's just the lack of pockets inside that didn't work for me!

    1. Hi Katie (: The yellow really is a lovely colour. It's like having your own personal sunshine in your bag! And I absolutely love the Original range. I used to think that the lack of pockets would bother me, but once I got my Aqua and realised I didn't really need the pockets, because everything was stored in my wallet, my love for the Originals quadrupled. Not to mention, the fact that the Original doesn't have any pockets allows the whole binder to store just a tad bit more, and be a little lighter too. So I guess it has its pros and cons depending on your preference (:

  2. I am so disappointed that it is nearly impossible to find it for sale online! I will be on the hunt for it!

    1. I'm assuming you aren't living in Australia? Or else Peter's of Kensington still has stock of it: http://www.petersofkensington.com.au/Public/Filofax-Original-Personal-Organiser-Yellow.aspx

  3. Love the pic with the two originals!