June 27, 2014

Kikki K Mint Planner Limited Debut

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On the 27th of June (Friday) at 7:30am AEST, Kikki K released a 'limited edition' mint planner similar to that of their predecessor available at the beginning of the year. There were only 100 units released that morning, which was out of stock sooner than you know it. And if not for a few kind souls who spread the word onto social media such as Instagram and Facebook, I probably wouldn't have known about it either.

The appearance?

Mint Edition
The format is similar to that of the Grey and Berry Planners (which I too have... oops), just in that elusive mint colour every girl seems to want.

(Excuse the poor quality image. I had to pull it from my instagram account as there are no traces of it online or on the Kikki K online store as yet)

They do, however, plan to release it again come October, including new 2015 planners in August. The mint's limited appearance was probably done to judge the sale of the item as it's colour was only brought back due to popular demand / customer feedback. To be honest, I never much fancied Kikki K's mint-with-gold-dots planner. I didn't like the elastic strap (as it reminded me of the Filofax Domino), and some people didn't like it because it was too 'puffy'. I guess it's a good thing I don't fancy them as much as others do, because for one, it saves me a lot of money seeing the ridiculous prices some people are selling them for (almost double the price!).

It's funny though, I logged onto my Kikki K account a while back and managed to find the medium sized mint planner in my wishlist. I probably should have bought one... could've let me earn some extra cash selling it now... Oh, if I only knew...

But that's drifting off topic, as I did know about the appearance of this mint limited edition planner, I did manage to snap one up for AUS$70 with free shipping and a free receipts book worth $20. Good deal, I reckon... just not for my bank account as I recently purchased the Berry...

Who knows... they might be up for grabs if I fail to bond with them in the future. But as I am on a quest to make my collection a little more cheery and a little less dull, I can see myself keeping them... just till people are going crazy over them and they're discontinued, and I can sell it for an arm and a leg, that is. Heh. Oh, just kidding..

But just to let my readers know, these will be up for sale again (according to Kikki K), so... chill - as some instagramers seem to be quite distraught knowing they missed out - and be patient. I'm sure Kikki K will come round with new and improved planners for the future.

ps. I'll be reviewing the Mint once I get my hands on it (naturally), so hopefully, this will shed some light on the item before people decide to buy them when they debut again in October!

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