June 4, 2014

Malden Me Silly!

Picture found on Peter's of Kensington's website

I couldn't resist it! It was new, and local, and quite pricey, but still 'affordable', and I started to get the wanties, so I just. couldn't. resist. it! I was practically drooling on my screen! I know I was meant to make this no-spend-June, but I sold some of my Filofax recently, so technically, I wasn't spending more money when I purchased the beautiful Personal Ochre Malden... I just recycled money! Not to mention, it's me and bae's 31st month today, so consider it an anniversary gift to myself. Or so I tell myself...

I purchased it from Peter's of Kensington (again), after discovering their new stock of Maldens online. They only stock the Personal Ochre though, but that's fine with me as that's the exact size and colour (apart from the discontinued aqua) that I wanted! I can't believe I'm not in Sydney to pick this up personally though - would've been able to save myself on some shipping costs!

I assume that it'll arrive on my doorstep next week, so look out for the review!

Edit 05/06/14: On the morning of the 5th June, I checked Peter's website only to find that the Malden is already out of stock! It always seems like the items I buy tend to be out of stock not long after..


  1. Enjoy your Filofax Malden when it arrives! They have a big fan club following! I suspect your supplier only carries a very small level of stock - like one! That's probably why it was out-of-stock just after you ordered. Yours sounds as if it's a 2013 model with a 2014 calendar insert (2014 versions are wrapped in clear plastic, not a box). I suspect Peter is not a Filofax expert. Maldens are made in China not the UK and the ring size is 23mm not 2.3mm!

    1. Hi Tim (: Thanks for the comment! Quite excited for its arrival, and I'll update more when it arrives. I know it isn't 2014 model, but that's fine by me. I much prefer the box than the plastic sleeve, anyway. It'll have a safer ride to me (: And I don't think there is much of a difference between the 2013 and 2014 models, is there?

      And on the contrary, they still had stock after I bought mine, but yes, they probably only do hold a limited stock. After all, Peter's isn't a Filofax specialty store, so that would normally be the case. I was aware of their mistakes, and was fine about it either way too, because I've seen Australia's own Filofaxshop have their own typos. Not everyone's perfect! (: