June 19, 2014

Success in my 'fax!

I've done it guys.
I've finally made my Filofax bursting at the seams.

Well, just so. And I know many dislikes the idea of filling up your Filofax too much as it destroys the rings, but with the Malden, I feel like a filled Filofax with hanging papers, a little (not too much) messed up rings and worn leather is the way to go.

Besides, your Filofax can either go one of two ways:
1- Neat and pretty
2- Used and abused

And I prefer the latter.

In the midst of filling my Filofax up, I decided to create new dividers too. I've gone for a more summery theme this time, leaving behind my vintage side. I admit, I miss the vintage / travel theme my organisers usually hold (especially in my leather Filofaxes), but I think I need the change.

So here are the pictures of my new set-up and dividers in my Filofax Original Yellow:

New dividers!

There are seven dividers in my new and improved Filofax, far more than I'm used to. They include:
1- 2014 (weekly and monthly)
2- Personal
3- BF
4- Finance
5- Notes
6- University
7- Misc.

I've decided that my organiser can go either one of two ways:
1- Hold the minimal of just diary, expenses and notes
2- Hold everything in the world

And yes, I'm evidently trying to hold the world in my little Filofax.

First divider in my Yellow Original

Camera tabs!

As much as I loved my set up in my Yellow Original, I'm not ready to store my Malden just yet. It hasn't seen the light of day enough, so here are my dividers in my now stuffed Malden:


The items I've used to make the dividers are basic:
1- Kaisercraft Collectables from different ranges (Confetti, Happy Snaps, etc.)
2- Project Life 12x12 scrapbook papers
3- Kikki K. divider stickers that came in my Large Grey Planner

I've yet to laminate the dividers and I'm thinking of inserting project life cards on the back of the dividers to create pockets like I usually do, but till then, here's to finally creating the organiser that's right for me!


  1. Love the dividers - so colourful! I also like things that look used and abused :3 I'm hoping my Holborn will age really nicely in time to come!

    1. Thanks Katie! And I hope you get that look with the Holborn! I have a Holborn too, but I thought the leather looked too.. polished / sophisticated for it to be used and abused. All the best with it though (:

  2. What are you talking about?!? It's pretty, used and stuffed - all elements of a happy filo! I love it!