June 26, 2014

Changes to Filosophical

Hey guys!

Now that I have my holidays in order, I've decided to start up my own Big Cartel shop, set up a new instagram account and ... change my blog name. The change will only happen on the 27th of July, so there'll be plenty of time to spread the news around.

These are my new accounts:
1- Big Cartel: www.lettersinnovember.bigcartel.com (will be updated on blog once stock is up)
2- Instagram: @lettersinnovember
3- Blog: www.lettersinnovember.blogspot.com (only running 27th of July)

For 3 months now, this blog has been running through all your love, comments and of course, views. I never thought I would be able to write about the things I love and have such a wonderful community backing it up. It truly would not have been possible without the wonderful Filofax community (especially Steve, who has listed my blog posts under Web Finds for quite a while now) who has practically made my dreams come true.

A little about my Big Cartel shop:
As I have a little time on my hands now, I will hopefully be selling planner items, whether it may be handmade or from different retailers. These items will include handmade planner dividers, crafty paper clip items, post-it notes, tabs, washi tape, etc.  When uni semester starts up again in August however, I will hopefully be selling notebooks from my ridiculous collection, or genuine Midori / Filofax / Kikki-K planners as I won't have the time to create as many planner-related items as I would like. That said, there will of course, be some stock of handmade items from time to time.

And finally, as I am just starting up with the online store, I will only be able to list 5 items in it at one time, with each item having a limited stock. This will mean that the items will come in a first come first serve basis. I will continually update the items that will be sold in my store through my blog and my instagram account.

Here's to a long and hopefully successful direction to a more crafty life!
Yours sincerely,

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