June 28, 2014

Regular Brown Midori Traveler's Notebook Review

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I take it back, I just couldn't work with a passport size MTN. And I couldn't work with a black regular MTN either... which just caused me to buy a brown regular MTN, (don't worry, I sold my black!) from Notemaker again. This time, I had no troubles with them. My order was dispatched on Monday and it arrived the very next day! And boy am I glad I decided to buy the brown...

Because I've already reviewed this item here, I'm here to spam you with pictures:

I decided to spend a little more on Notemaker this time, buying extra inserts for my brand new Midori. I got myself a card holder and sticky pockets to customise:

Brown MTN + inserts!

Comparing brown regular with brown passport MTN

I too managed to get my hands on the Kraft notebook, but I'm starting to regret it as I managed to make my own Kraft type notebook with better, thicker paper. I decided to cut up my Strathmore Toned Paper sketchbook knowing I wouldn't use it in it's current pristine condition, and have fitted it nicely in my Midori. Not to mention, I managed to make 4 separate stacks of these from one sketchbook too!

One thing I notice about brand new MTNs though is the powdery layer it has on the leather:

It comes off after you've handled it a few times though:

The moment I opened up the package, I had to customise my new MTN right away, so in came the sticky pockets, card slots and project life cards:

Sticky pockets and card slots in!

And if you couldn't tell, I couldn't be happier with my new MTN.

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