June 24, 2014

Planner Peace?

I think I have finally come to the stage where I'm finding planner peace.
I think.

I've been putting up quite a few of my collection up for sale recently, and I'm currently down to:
1- Brown Holborn Zipped Personal
2- Brown Holborn Personal
3- Yellow Original Personal
4- Ochre Malden Personal
5- Kate Spade Black Wellesley Zipped
6- Aqua Original A5
7- Red Domino A5
8- Chocolate Aston A5
9- Kikki K Berry A5

It seems a lot still, and I guess it still is, but it's definitely a cut down from my previous collection. Not to mention, I can't exactly sell the ones I currently own mostly because they're either:
1- Used / have a taaaad bit of defect which I know wouldn't sell too well
2- Hold a special place because it was my first
3- They're just too damn lovely!
4- Discontinued

Besides, a girl's got to have at least some sort of collection, right?

And on the bright side, now that I'm clearing my unused binders, and have undertaken the no-spend June (although I did spend, just not as much as I used to!), I'm starting to appreciate what I have and not go crazy buying everything I see. I guess the fact that I'm on holidays, and hence don't travel past the city every day to go to uni, does play a major part...

Have you guys found your planner peace yet?

1 comment:

  1. I'm so jealous! I'm trying to work through my planners and find some semblance of peace. Then I look at Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and tumblr and I can't help but drool over planners and setups I don't have.