June 23, 2014

Filofax A5 Aston Review

Here comes the last of the list! The grand ol' A5 Chocolate Aston. Yknow, for some reason, I have quite a soft spot for this one. I tried selling it once, but I just couldn't let it go... despite the fact that all it does is sit on my shelf, new and unused. I guess for one, it smells amazingly leather-y, it has this sophisticated-ness about it, it's soft, (it's discontinued), I got it for a bargain, and well.. I can see myself using it in the future.

But anyway, here comes the (short but picture filled) review for it:

It's very much like it's little brother I reviewed a while ago (found here), just of course, bigger. Here are the pictures:

Unboxing A5 Aston


It has this pebbly feel to the leather, and yet still smooth.

On the insides:

Front cover

I love how it managed to lay flat right out of the box without even forcing it. It's floppy at its spine, but has a cover sturdy enough to write on. Not to mention the many pockets available: it has 6 card slots, one zippered pocket and two vertical pockets. It has perfect rings too:

But of course, the rings do make a mark on the leather, but I'm not too fussed about that. The inserts included were the diary of second half of 2013 and full year 2014, dividers, A-Z tabs, to-do, addresses, notes, and a card holder. What I love about the tabs is the fact that they're not labelled:

Unlabelled dividers. Yay!

On the back holds a half-elastic and half-leather pen holder and a notepad slot with no vertical pockets. A little downside, I guess...

But that's the A5 Aston!


  1. There's just something about a brown leather organiser that I love... This one looks lovely.

  2. Are you still keeping this? I'm looking for an A5 chocolate.

    1. Nope, sorry. Sold it a while ago. Good luck finding a perfect match :)