February 6, 2015

Kikki K 'Life is Sweet' Dark Mint Planner Review!

Ok, I'm particularly excited about this one. Kikki K recently stocked their new collection called 'Life is Sweet' online (and in some stores!), and because I have itchy hands and loved the pictures they had on this planner, I decided to purchase it the morning it was released. And being in Australia, and particularly in Melbourne, where their warehouse is located, I'm probably one of the first few to get my hands on it. And I can tell you, it is divine in so many ways (and definitely worth much more than the A5 Stockholm!)

So here it is:

Kikki K Medium / Personal Dark Mint Planner!




30 mm rings!
Polka dot dividers with separate tabs!
Back - notepad
All moved in - with next week's inserts!

Overall, there are a few things I love about this planner:
1- The colour - unlike the previous mint they had, like the textured mint they brought out recently, this mint isn't as bright. It's more towards a pastel blue, and easy on the eyes. I must admit, the hexagonal gold might take a little getting used to, but I guess it works. The inside is also a nice shade of dark blue and light blue dots. Overall, great colour combination.
2- The rings - guess how big they are! 30mm! Yes, 30mm. They included some chunky as rings in this one to hold their big stack of note paper that came along with it. Now I know not everyone might like this as it does add to the bulkiness of things, but now you can store a whole lot more. I for one, think it's a good change as there are rarely any 30mm personal sized binders out in the market that look this good.
3- The dividers - they're decorated with yummy little polka dots! Unlike the previous where it's just a plain shade of colour, their dividers are absolutely beautiful, and so is the colour combination. Not to mention, unlike previous dividers where the tabs 'continue' on to the next, the divider tabs provided in this Dark Mint planner are separated. I know it's not a big deal, but I've always preferred the separated tabs.
4- The clasp - I'm so glad they decided to go for a clasp model rather than an elastic. I very much prefer the button closure as it makes the planner look... neat.

And if anyone was interested, here's a little comparison of the Kikki K planner with a pink Filofax Personal size Finsbury:

Top: Kikki K Dark Mint Medium Planner
Bottom: Filofax Pink Personal Finsbury

So if you're thinking about purchasing one, I suggest you do! It is absolutely lovely and I can actually see this model running out faster than any of their previous ones! Also, since it's above $60, use the code DIARYLOVEFEB to get $10 off! Hurray!

Enjoy, my lovelies!

PS. I'm selling two brand new Kikki K Gold Pocket Planners for US$45 each shipped worldwide. They both won't come with inserts. First come, first served! Email me or use my contact form to get in touch with me for more pictures if interested :)