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Hi there! I'm Nadia, a 22 year-old living in sunny Australia. In this blog, you will find a variation of topics, including stationery, planners, notebooks, and paper crafting.

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Founded on the 23rd of March 2014, this blog was previously known as Filosophical before I made the change to Letters in November on the 28th of July 2014. It was created to incorporate all the stationery I love and use in my daily life. All the pictures on my blog are mine and taken using my iPhone 6. Please credit them if you plan to use it for personal means, or for use on social media sites. If there are any pictures here that you see to be of yours and want it to be removed / properly credited, please email me.

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  1. Hey Nadia, I'm from Melbourne too and I wanted to know where you got your Hobonichi planner...I'd really like one (I'll be truthful I'm obsessing over finding one). I love your blog as I too am a stationery addict but am 43 with a family so I can't really indulge my passion too much. Let me know, if you have time, regarding where you got it from and how much it was. Cheers, Jan

    1. Hi dear! I got my Hobonichi from the actual site, as I highly doubt there are any stockists in Melbourne (or the whole of Australia). They have fast postage and you'll receive the item within 3 days of shipping. But it can be a little costly, and to be honest, any day-to-a-page diary will do the trick. You can even get one from Muji (located in city's Emporium) to fit the deal. The covers are basically A5 notebook covers which is cheaper from other brands like Kikki K (unless you prefer the A6 diary, which in that case, I haven't really seen a cover for it!).There are a few different diaries you can substitute for a Hobonichi just to make sure that the item is for you, so maybe shop around online or in stores to see (Etsy has some too from what I've seen!). Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Nadia, i have looked everywhere for a price on a Scanda and came across your blog. Is it possible to know a ballpark figure? I just traded a brand new unboxed one for something i had. And an idea of what it is worth would be handy just in case! Im checking the rest of your blog now as i really like it! Thanks, Kerri

    1. Hi Kerri! I'm pretty sure I got mine for AUS$99 from was-is.com.au. It's a pretty nice Filofax due to its distress leather look (kinda regret selling mine now!). Either way, I hope that helps somewhat! :)