June 8, 2014

Filofax 'The Original' Personal Fluoro Orange Review

I must admit, I never thought I'd buy myself an orange Filofax, let alone a fluoro coloured one! So I was quite intrigued (and excited) to open up my new Original Fluoro Orange Filofax when it arrived. I ordered mine from Peter's of Kensington on the last day of May (before no-spend June!) and it was delivered to me on Thursday (5 June). I've only gotten around to reviewing it as I've been busy studying for my exams. But everyone needs a break, right?

But anyway: There hasn't been many posts about the fluoro orange online, and its colour varied from photo to photo. But from what I could tell, the colour wasn't too bad. It was bright, no doubt, but not too... shocking. I guess it all came down to: gotta see it to believe. But boy was I shocked.

The fluoro orange was a really really bright fluoro orange. You would probably need sunnies to shield the eyes from its colour. Pictures do not do it justice! It's literally the colour of an orange highlighter! Safe to say, I didn't quite like it...

And as if it didn't give me enough reasons to like it any lesser, the rings were a mess! One was gappy, and another two were misaligned! I could barely turn the page without the rings snagging on the pages. Oh, the horror. So I was quick to get onto their site and message them with my problem. They told me to post it back to them (reply paid, thank God) with a reason of the return and whether I wanted a refund / exchange. I was at first leaning towards a refund, but if they allow, I might exchange it for a green...

But before I wrapped it up for its return, I managed to get a few pictures. Unfortunately, the camera never does get the colour right, which is quite frustrating, because the orange is definitely a whole lot more brighter than what's pictured below:

Fluoro Orange!

A close representation to the real colour!
The horror that is the rings

Not to mention, I don't quite like that part of the leather
The closest colour match I could get would be the orange at the top of the cover

And so, back to Paul's it goes!

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