June 17, 2014

Midori Traveler's Notebook vs. Filofax

Midori vs. Filofax

So as promised, I'm currently here to give an update post on what I use my Filofax and Midoris for (including some first world problems I always have when in utilisation of a notebook):

I've always had a fear of plain white, new notebooks. No matter the cost, size or brand, they will always scare me into not using it. I currently have a shelf full of pretty notebooks I've collected since.. the beginning of time. I want to use it, I really do, but I don't know what to use it for. And when an idea does strike for that particular notebook, its utilisation loses its spark halfway down the track leaving me with pages of empty paper in a pretty notebook that I will never use again because it's tainted with memories of a failed idea. I guess the Midoris will be no different.

But now that the holidays are here, I can see myself using the Midoris as a daily photo diary, but then..
1- I don't exactly have a printer to do those daily printing jobs.. agh.
2- Passport or regular sized?
3- If passport, it's a little too small to be used to include photos in there, no?
4- If regular sized, its size makes carrying a Midori and a Filofax around a little heavy on the back
5- I prefer the brown to the black leather, which means passport over regular sized..

Decisions decisions...

I've been hoarding up on scrapbook supplies lately. The amount I've purchased is pretty much ridiculous, and I'm truly afraid of calculating how much I've spent throughout my life. But the difference between paper and scrapbook supplies is the fact that I'll actually use them. I want to use them. And I plan to use them in both my Filofax and Midori.

That's where Filofax comes in. I love that you can take any paper you've stuffed up, out and into the bin without any trace of hurting the binder. And I love that I currently own a Malden Ochre. It's basically the two pros that I'll ever need. But then there comes the problem of the weird paper size and the limitation of the rings ability to hold a certain amount of paper. And I must admit, I do miss binded books at times and the ability to work with two-page spreads without a gap and hole-rings in between.

I've always wanted my notebook to hold everything: diary, notes, scrapbook pages, photos, cards, the lot. And I thought my Filofax would be able to do that, but if it does, it'll probably be filled to the brim and exploding at the seams.

And so, my options:
1- Filofax: use as the everything book and fill it to the brim like I've always wanted. This would need a change in set up though, making each day be on two pages to give that extra space for photos / doodles.
2- Filofax and Midori Passport: use the Filofax as my usual planning area, and my Midori as my journal
3- Filofax and Midori Regular: suck it up and use the Filofax as my usual planning area with the black regular Midori to attain the greater page area

Life is hard.

But I'll probably go for option 2.
Which means, another post will come to give a full set-up for both!
Till then!

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  1. I think we all have these issues. At least you've decided on one size of Filofax and two sizes of MTN! There's also the faux Field Notes/ small Moleskine size to consider and Compact and Slimline Filofaxes and A5 and what about Flex and....