September 9, 2014

Filofax Personal Antique Rose Finny Review!

This planner purchase was absolutely spontaneous and I actually didn't plan on keeping this at all. As it is, I never seemed to like the colour. It just reminded me of a dirty pink and never really understood why so many people actually liked it. So the moment I bought it, I sold it online. This would probably be the shortest time I owned a planner. I know there were quite a few people on Facebook that were looking for it after all, so why not share the love around, no? And seeing I had this organiser in my possession (though briefly), I managed to take a few moments to review it before sending it off to its new owner. I've reveiewed the Finsbury collection multiple times now though, with the recent ones being my Electric Blue and my pretty Pink, so I'll just be loading this post with pictures rather than words. Enjoy!

Personal Antique Rose Finsbury!

 On the inside:

Back Pocket
Slowly closing on itself

As usual, it wouldn't open itself without wanting to spring back again.

The rings were ... acceptable. Slight gaping in the first and second rings, but nothing that would cause a problem... yet:

It's funny, the time I started writing this up, I was all for selling it without a doubt / regret in the world, but since I brought it home, was able to play with it for a while, photograph it, stroke it and stare at it a little, it has grown on me a little... and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll regret selling this one. I know that I've regretted selling my first blue Personal Finny, but I'm not too sure about this one. I know I won't use it though, that's the main thing, and I have plenty of those already on my shelf. So, I sold it.

Comparing with my Pink Personal Finny though, I must say, the leather is definitely much softer and bendable than the Antique Rose. Maybe it's the leather or maybe it's because the Pink has been sitting exposed for so long, but I much prefer the softer feel of its leather than the Antique Rose

And here's a little colour comparison:

Compare the pair: Antique Rose vs. Pink Finny

The Antique Rose would definitely be good for a more muted 'formal' pink, but to each their own. I'm grateful I've been able to own an Antique Rose for this brief period of time, but I think it's time to let it go.


  1. I have a pocket antique rose...the cover seems plastic like. Kind of weird.

    1. Hmm yeh, I know what you mean. It smells wonderfully leather but it's just too hard and stiff for my liking

  2. Where did you get it? I have been trying to find it, hope you help?

    1. Hi Kimmy, I got it in a shop in Melbourne which is unfortunately, now sold out

  3. I know a lot of people who are crazy about this color, but I don't like it very much. Antique pink is a wonderful color, but this looks a bit too much on the brown side for my taste.

    On the other hand, I love that shade of pink! Pink's not my favorite color (at all), but I fell in love with that pink Finny as soon as I saw it the first time. Maybe I'll buy myself one for Christmas! :P I worry a bit about the stiffness, though. Everyone I know who has a Finsbury complains a lot about it snapping back closed. It could really be a downside, thinking of the weird positions I usually find myself in when writing!

    1. Hi Laurie! I have to agree with everything you've said! After writing the post up, and sending the Antique Rose away, without it in my sight, I'm back to the same ol' me of not liking the colour at all! I can't believe I actually love my Pink more than the Antique Rose as well, as I'm not even a pink kinda girl! You should totally get one for yourself! You won't be disappointed! But as for the leather stiffness, I did find my pink to be a little less stiff than the Antique, but that could have just been mine. It still snaps shut by itself though but I'm actually willing to live with this only for the colour. The Finsbury leathers are never constant so you'll just have to get lucky!

    2. After reading your post I decided to buy a pocket size organizer on sale to use when I'm in those "weird" situations :P This way, when I need to write something down but can't keep the Finsbury open myself, I'll use the pocket and copy the entries later on.

      I'm still waiting for Christmas though, because I recently bought a Patent after the unexpected destruction of my Kikki K AND selling my Domino prematurely...and I have to stick to my budget :(