September 22, 2014

Filofax Personal Aqua Malden Review!

So guess what I found on Facebook a week ago?

Yes. An Aqua Malden. And guess what I did with it the moment I received it? I sold it. Some may think I'm mad, but I honestly do not regret it. And here's why:

Don't get me wrong, the aqua is definitely a beautiful colour and if you're still looking for it, I suggest you do. The one problem I had with it was: it wasn't brand new. I mean, I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought it, but I never knew the fact that it wasn't brand new would bother me so much till I got the Aqua and was a little bit let down. It was in excellent condition no doubt, but I miss the original leather smell an organiser has when it's brand new. And because of this, I knew for a fact I wouldn't bond with it whatsoever, and it would probably just end up on my shelf. So why not sell it, no? Besides, with the money, I managed to get myself 4 new Filofaxes on Filofaxshop's sale.

But anyway, enough of my sob story, lets get some pictures on the road:


I must admit, after playing with it for a while, I might have gone a tad bit attached, and maybe just had that 1% of remorse for selling this beauty already. But that was quickly resolved when I put it out of my sight.

The rings were in perfect condition too, so I'm pretty sure her next owner will be pleased:

Oh, and a photo set isn't complete without a twinsies shot with its Ochre brother!

Comparing the colours, I think I really do prefer the ochre compared to the Aqua (don't shoot me!). It ages so much better and I love the air of antiquity it holds compared to the Aqua which kinda looses the 'antique leather' status due to the bright colour. But that's just my opinion. It's still a lovely colour on the Malden no doubt, and if I were to be able to find it brand new for a 'reasonable' price, I will surely snap it up again. But for now, I have to say au revoir!

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