August 1, 2014

Filofax Finsbury Electric Blue Review

NB. I have changed my blog address, so what was previously known as Filosophical is now Letters in November!

And here it is, the final review of the Electric Blue Finny. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I'm already swamped with uni work despite the fact that it's only week one! But I'm sur you're not here to hear me whine, so let's get to it!

The Electric blue colour is lovely. It may not exactly be the blue everyone's hoping for (like my dearly missed Blue Finny), but it still holds its own charm. It's definitely a lot more on the purpley side though. But let's start with the unpacking pictures first, shall we?

As mentioned in my previous post, the lovely Nike from Filofax had given me this lovely Finny for the Pimp My Filofax blogger challenge (which I still need to get doing!). I still can't believe that this Filofax is mine to keep! And I can't believe Australia Post just left it on my doorway without ringing my doorbell to let me know that it arrived! Who knows how long it's been sitting on my front porch?! Not happy Australia Post!

Unraveling the envelope:

It came in that now common plastic that Filofax has replaced from the black box, and although I'm not too happy about the fact that they've done that, it's free so I can't complain.

All the pictures have been showing quite accurate representations of the actual colour, and as you can see, it's quite purple.

On the inside:

As usual with all Finnys, it wouldn't lay flat when I first got it. I've been training it recently to get it to lay flat, and so far, it's working!

The rings were good and tight, but as usual, the strap was made from all leather, meaning it's going to be a tight fit!

I moved into the Finny to try it out, and it actually seems to be a little bit more... narrower than my Malden. It kinda has that compact feel to it even though it has the same size rings as the Malden

But that's it from the Finny!


  1. gorgeous. i think i might need this as my first personal.

  2. so kawaii! might need one of those! i hope you place a win!

    p.s. liked on FB :)

    1. Lol hi Nurul. Wait till I win second or third place, maybe then you'll be able to get one for free? Need to get the votes coming in though. Get your friends, your classmates, your family, your gang, your homies and make them like my picture. If I come first (which is a long shot away but still possible), I'll get 6 to give out which is even betteeerrr!

  3. Thank you I want a blue "Finny" you pictures are just what I need to add this to my personal collection of one lonely red Finny and purple and pink patents.the color is just what I like BRIGHT!

    1. Hahaha, I hope you find one for your collection! :)