July 29, 2014

Filofax A5 Finchley Vintage Rose Review!

NB. I have changed my blog address, so what was previously known as Filosophical is now Letters in November!

Guess what I got my hands on?

A5 Finchley in Vintage Rose

Isn't she just beautiful?

I must admit though, I've known where to purchase one for quite a while, I just decided to take the plunge today and get one. However, I'm not keeping this, after all, I just purchased myself a Kikki K Lilac Medium planner the very same day, and I'm much more excited about that! I'm currently selling it on Filofax Facebook groups because I know there are people who would love it more than I would.

But before I send it off to its new owner, here's a little review and some pictures of it

It's soft, firstly - just as soft as my Chocolate Aston - and the colour really is beautiful; it's the nicest shade of pink. However, it wasn't cheap, even when it was going at half price. There's a little shop down on Elizabeth St, Melbourne called Pen City who currently has a sale on their Filofax stock. They're trying to get rid of them to be honest, to get ready for their new stock, so they were having 50% of their entire Filofax range. Nevertheless, retailing at $400+, you can probably work out how much the Finchley still was 50% later..

The insides:


It has two pen loops, made entirely out of leather, so you might struggle to fit a fat pen in there. The back has a notepad holder, which will most probably be able to fit an iPad Mini too. The rings are great and snap closes without any gaps.

And from the pictures, you could see that it lies entirely flat without any effort whatsoever.

I understand that it's now a discontinued model so it's highly sought after (especially the colour), but I'm really grateful that it doens't appeal to me! I'm slowly selling all the planners I'm not using and just keeping the ones I will. However, with Kikki K's new stock, I'm pretty sure I'll be having a little excess again...


ps. Hope you found my blog easily!