July 7, 2014

Is Filofax's Malden Too 'Floppy'?

NB: I want to remind my readers that filo-sophical will soon be changing to lettersinnovember@blogspot.com come 27th of July 2014. Read about the post here.

I saw someone search this up on Google the other night, and since I own a personal ochre Malden, I might as well shed some light on this subject. I will hopefully be able to give an input on the A5 Malden once it arrives (which will unfortunately be in 1 - 2 months time).

But first, I have to mention that my definition of a 'floppy' Malden is in regards to its soft cover and its ability to bend and fold without any effort, like seen here:

Bending back without any effort

This is my definition of 'floppy' and hence will be writing this post in regards to this 'issue'.

For me, working with the Malden has been... divine. I love it with all my heart and it has worked really well for me in all departments. I have found myself not utilising the card slots, however, but that's just me. I know some people use their pockets for sticky notes / tabs, etc. but I keep them in a separate case because for one: I know I won't need them on the go, and for another, it makes my Malden a little less bulky and heavy.

And I might seem to be drifting off topic, but there is a point I will make in regards to Malden's 'floppy' nature: The utilisation of the card slots will undoubtedly cause the Malden to have a stiffer nature. That's just common sense.

The only other comparable 'floppy' Filofax would be that of The Originals... or so I thought. Before I took pictures of my personal yellow Originals, I thought they would be the the reigning kings of floppiness. As they're made of a single piece of leather, you can see why I thought that. But after taking a picture of my yellow personal Original, I have to say otherwise:

A little bit more stiffer than the Malden

However, this would be a little different to the A5 because, well, it's bigger. Unfortunately, I sold my Aqua Original recently, and can't take a picture comparison to show. However, I have posted a similar picture to demonstrate its floppiness on my blog review, which can be found here. I guess due to the single thick leather The Original uses, it is a tad bit more sturdier than the Malden.

It really depends on what you define as 'floppy', and to what extent you would accept Malden's or any other organiser's floppiness. To me, the Malden's amount of floppiness is just right. It's sturdy enough to write on without a backing (held in your hand), or on your lap - just don't expect the neatest writing for obvious variable reasons, and yet it's soft / floppy enough to allow the binder to lay flat without the initial 'training' some Filofaxes do (like the Finsbury).

I hope my input somehow sheds some light on the topic. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below!


  1. I definitely like the floppiness of the ochre malden. My grey malden is stiffer. I did not like the finsbury stiffness and once well used the cardboard started breaking down and I liked it even less.

    1. Hi Cassandra, thanks for the comment :) I have to agree with the Finsbury's stiffness, but I've always had a soft spot for their vibrant colours and was about to purchase the new Electric blue. But now that I've read your comment, I'm a little turned off by it! Hahah, so thanks for the heads up! (: