July 6, 2014

Kikki K Limited Edition Mint Review!

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It's finally here! Technically, it arrived on Monday, but as I could only pick it up from the post office yesterday, the review is thus happening on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

To be honest, when I first opened it up, all I could think of was: the colour's so... fluoro! It has grown onto me a little bit though and I'm starting to appreciate the prettiness of the mint colour. But I must admit, I think it's still ridiculous the amount people are selling and actually buying the older mint version for. I guess it's a little because of the influences of social media (peer pressure on a large scale!), lighting and creative people which gives the item a higher value. Remember the purpose of the item people, it's not the outside that counts (well a little bit), but the inside!

But enough from me, here are the pictures:

It was a little hard catching the right amount of mint into the picture, but here is as close as it gets

The rings were fine... apart from the top most whereby it was a little misaligned. But as long as it doesn't catch on the papers (which it doesn't), I'm fine.

Just like the berry and grey large Kikki K planner, the insides of the mint are completely the same:

Pockets, zippered pockets and full length pockets cover the right and a notepad holder covers the left of the planner. The inside includes an 18 month perpetual calendar, meeting notes, to-do lists and lots and lots of lined pages for each of the remaining 3 tabs:

Just a little comparison with the berry colour:


And that's the mint for you guys. Like it or hate it, it should be debuting again in October. Or so Kikki K says...

Malden says hi too


  1. Hi I know this is an old post and a shot in the dark. But if you still have this planner would you consider selling? I'm a huge Kikki K fan and have the lilac and Pink personal planner and really would love to have the mint. I missed the sale and they sold out so fast.

    1. Hi there, sorry, but it's been long gone :( I do have the textured medium (Filofax personal sized) Mint planner though, if you're interested?

    2. Jasmine OvardJune 30, 2015

      hi im really intersted in that planner... is there anyway you are willing to send it to me?

    3. Sorry, I sold this planner months ago.