July 11, 2014

How I Get Organised

NB: I want to remind my readers that filo-sophical will soon be changing to lettersinnovember@blogspot.com come 27th of July 2014. Read about the post here.

The main reason we use organisers is first and foremost, to get organised. No matter the colour, material, shape or size, this is the sole reason organisers are made for. Of course, organisers have now been branched out to be used as scrapbooks, travel journals, etc, but here are the updated details of how I use each of my Filofax / Kikki K planners:

1- Filofax Personal Malden: Ochre
My trusty Filofax which currently houses my life: from diary, to expenses, notes, uni, etsy / bigcartel shop. It doesn't house washi / sticky notes as seen in many other Filofaxes to keep the weight down and productivity up.

2- Filofax Personal Original: Yellow
My other trusty Filofax which alternates with the Malden between different seasons. The Yellow dominates summer and autumn, whilst the ochre reigns winter and spring.

3- Kikki K Large: Mint
The current plan is to use her for uni. As I'm still on term break, she sits waiting. It will be able to hold my iPad mini in the back notepad slot and carry all my notes in beautiful mint colour.

4- Kikki K Large: Berry
As I am in the process of starting up my own Bigcartel shop, I didn't realise how many things I had to take into account till I actually started. There are prices to calculate, postage costs to consider, stock to buy, expenses, etc etc, and there is no way my Malden will be able to hold the amount of information required, so out comes my Berry Kikki K. This stays home of course, and holds all the necessary information for an organised life.

5- Kate Spade Wellesley / Filofax Holborn Zipped
These are my travelling / event organisers. Whenever I have an event to go to, or an impending roadtrip, these are my go to organisers. They keep loose things inside and secured. The Kate Spade is lovely for formal events where I need an organiser that holds a little bit of class yet still fully functional, while the Holborn is useful for day trips or when I prefer not to carry a bag.

6- Filofax A5 Domino Red / Filofax Personal Holborn
These are my storage Filofaxes. The Domino has an incredible ability to hold a large amount of papers, and it just seems to be able to eat up anything I put into it. It holds a whole stack of lined papers or old diary pages. My Holborn does the same thing as my Domino, just for personal sized papers.

To be honest, before writing up this post, I thought I'd have an extra organiser lying around doing nothing, but I'm quite happy that all my organisers have some sort of purpose in my life. All my unnecessary organisers have either been sold / selling, and I'm quite proud of that. That is, till my Amazon orders of two Maldens and Kikki K's planner debut in August comes around..

What do you use your organisers for?


  1. I use one for my calendar, finances, blogging schedule and finances (and whatever else I need it for). I have a second one with my finances for the current year - as I pull pages out of my daily planner, I put them in that one for permanent storage.

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment! It's always nice to know what others use their Filofaxes for (: