July 5, 2014

Seller's Remorse

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Seller's Remorse

Is there even such a thing?

If it isn't, then... what is that feeling you get when you sell a rare blue Finny for a price lower than what it was worth? How about that time you sold your Aqua A5 Original even after lusting after it for so long just in the spur of the moment?

Seller's remorse.
That's what.

This morning, I sold my Aqua A5 Original to a person who was ISO it on Facebook's Planner Addicts page. I must admit, I sold it for quite a lot of money though, so I guess I have a winning advantage on that end. But I was still a little ... bewildered over what I've done. To be fair, I haven't really used my Original that much... the last time it was in 'use' was during the uni semester.. and even then it was just used to keep a few course notes. Nothing too ... strenuous.

But when I was packing it up, readying to take on the skies to reach sunny USA, I didn't quite regret it either. I was sad to see it go... but I guess when one door closes, another opens?

I'm currently saving up (or rather, retracting back) my money after that spending spree I did on Filofaxshop's recent sale, and it's working great for me so far. I've only got one Filofax left that I plan on selling (A5 zipped Sketch - see details in my Items for Sale tab). New planners are starting to come through from Kikki K, and by getting rid of the planners I don't want / won't use also makes space for upcoming ones that I prefer.

But a note to those who are currently feeling the same:
Don't buy another planner right after selling one! That will only end up being your rebound organiser which will probably end up on the market again.

Trust me.

(And there goes another rambling post from yours truly)

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