July 10, 2014

Kikki K Travel Wallet

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I normally don't do fashion / bag reviews, and this won't be the first. I recently purchased this gorgeous little travel wallet from Kikki K for more than half price and I just wanted to share how it looks, just because:

Such pretty box


The only problem I had with it was this weird stain on the inside of the flap, which I'm thinking is caused by the glue they used. I've emailed them about it asking if I could somehow get an exchange / new one and shall update with their response:

Stain on the cover from.. glue?

They're currently on sale for $40AUD, but as I'm a Kikki K member, I managed to get an extra 10% off. This was meant to add up to a total of $36, but I managed to get it for $32, as it was in fact a 10% on the original $80 price. This may have been an error on the cashier, but hey, I'm not complaining. Also, as I purchased this in the month of July, I managed to get free gift tags from their new confetti collection as I own a Kikki K diary. You can get this item free for any Kikki K purchase in the month of July, online too. All you have to do is key in the code: DIARYLOVEJULY to get your free gift tags.

Also, here's a comparison of size with a regular sized MTN:

Comparing the wallet with MTN

Now I just need a place to travel to...


  1. Ooh pretty! I love the wrapping just as much aha!

    1. Hahah I agree with the wrapping! Kikki K always has such beautiful wrapping, even my mum loves them (even if the item doesn't tickle her fancy!)