July 18, 2014

Personal or A5?

I'm sure many of us has come at this crossroad, wondering just what size organiser we should use: A5 or Personal? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your perfect size, but in the end, it will always come down to your own personal preference, and their prospective function.

But for those who are still indecisive, here are a few pros and cons of each:

Personal / Compact:

  • Size: Personal sized pages can be housed by different rings (compact / slimline / personal) all within a convenient size. It's a perfect size to keep all your essentials: notes / to do lists, expenses, etc
  • Price: they will always, more or less, be cheaper than A5. Unless you're willing to fork out the extra cash, I suggest you stick to Personal sized... or just use a regular notebook.
  • Weight: Personal size Filofaxes do not weigh much (unless you stuff it to a really high degree). However, it does depend on the material the Filofax is made out of, so some may weigh more than others.


  • Size: Just as personal size can be a pro, it can also be a con. Unlike A5, Personal sized pages are hard to naturally come by. They're unique, so to say. And with the size being smaller, it also means lesser writing space, which means, it all comes down to the amount of information you're intending to hold


  • Size: oh the freedom you get with an A5 is truly amazing! And not only do you get the writing space, but fold any ol' regular A4 page and you have yourself an insert!
  • Rings: bigger size also means bigger rings, some may contain 30mm rings (such as the Domino) which becomes great for stuffing. My Domino seems to be able to hold such a high content of papers without showing any signs of stress (but of course, they all have their limits!)


  • Weight: If you're carrying an A5 around all day everyday, it's going to leave a mark. A5 can get heavy, especially if you stuff it. I mean, even before you stuff it, it's already a weight of its own. A5 is usually recommended for home use, where it will stay on a desk.

So far, that's all I could probably think of, but I guess, that's where everyone gets stuck on: weight and size. On the one hand, Personal is great for convenience and weight, but on the other, the A5 is better for writing freedom and inserts availability. It will always come down to personal preference, but I guess you really can't have everything...

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