July 15, 2014

Favorite Tools for my Organisers

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Some of my Favourite Tools

It's been a busy few days recently what with housework and preparing my new and upcoming shop, but for today, I shall share with you a favourite tools I use to customise my Filofax / Kikki K organisers.

The picture above is really just a snapshot of the few things I use, but here's the list:

1- Scissors: You can never go wrong with scissors. I must admit though, with the advent of paper trimmers, scissors are currently only used for cutting washis.
2- Glue Tape: a much faster and easier method to glue / double sided tape. Of course, the downside would be the limiting length it comes with.
3- Muji Corner Puncher: I must admit, it was quite pricey for a puncher, but it's served me well and beats manual cutting with a scissor
4- Lamy Pen: favourite fountain pen hands down. It writes smootly and has quite a comfortable grip
5- Project Life cards: perfect on the go embellishment. It adds the right amount of colour to any page.
6- Hole Puncher: I use the Rapesco diary hole puncher as the holes are repositionable for personal / pocket sized papers. They could be used for A5 too with a little bit of additional work.
7- Rub Ons: my favourite new thing to stickers. Although my first attempt with my Rub Ons were a fail, my second set of rub ons set me in a current love affair with these beatiful things

Unfortunately, these are all my brain can think of right now.
What are your favourite tools to use in your Filofax?

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