July 2, 2014

Kikki K Berry Large Time Planner Review!

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I never thought I'd like Kikki K's berry planner... hell, I never thought I'd ever own a planner as berry as the one I have now, but ... I'm actually glad I have it.

I may be a little melodramatic when I say this, but whenever I think of purchasing a somewhat pink planner, and refuse to do so even though my girly side of me screams 'OMG IT'S SO PRETTY! GIMME GIMME GIMME', because I know my friends would make fun of me for this, I remember Noah's (in the Notebook) speech to Ally:

'Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do YOU want?'

And suddenly, I feel better about buying it. I know. I'm weird.

But moving on to the real review:

Kikki K's A5 / large planners all have the same format; whether it may be grey, berry or mint. I've written about the grey Kikki K before, but as I was a newbie then, I don't think it was too good a review... nor were the pictures. So here's a fresh new look at the Kikki K Berry:

Cutest box (Filofax should take note!)

This is the best colour representation of the item


On the insides:

Colourful shiny cardboard tabs

It holds quite a few pockets at the front which I think are quite enough to hold sticky notes, clips, etc. It has a zippered pocket too, with a full length vertical pocket behind.

On the back holds a notepad slip (which can fit an iPad Mini), and an elastic pen holder which matches the colour of the binder.

Back: notepad holder / iPad Mini compartment

It has nice tight rings

Great rings

The only issue the Kikki K has is the folding crease that is visible at any angle you view it from. This is mostly due to a mix of the cardboard backing and the thin fabric material over it.

I'm really greatly in love with this berry planner... but right now, I just have to find a good use for it.

ps. These are my new babies:

Kikki Berry, MTN Brown, Kate Spade Wellesley


  1. Oh I like that planner. Wonder what is cost to ship to Canada?


    1. I'm pretty sure it's 9.95 for worldwide shipping. Check their Kikki K website out (:

  2. Wow great photos! I'm really quite tempted to splurge on this for uni

    1. Thanks Laila! It's a really nice planner, but if you want to spend a little lesser, I recommend you to wait until the planners are on discount, which should be soon as the range is slowly coming to the end of its course. (Not to mention, they're bringing 2015 planners out in mid August!) I got my berry for $55 with free shipping as it was on 20% discount at one stage. That way you're splurging on a great item but.. not at the same time? :)