July 3, 2014

Creating A5 Expense Pages

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As I recently purchased a berry Kikki K planner, I managed to get a free Kikki K receipts book along with it. It's the size of an A5 and looks like this:

Kikki K Expense Book

It's quite pretty (as Kikki K is always famous for), and the inside pages have their very own integrated pocket for keeping receipts:

Back page: pocket for your receipts!

As the whole book seemed a little flimsy (cover is only made out of cardboard) and knowing that I don't exactly like the whole spiral bind format, I decided to pull apart the book and integrate it into my A5 Kikki K Planner. It didn't take long and it wasn't hard at all... the only 'time consuming' part were the multiple holes caused by the spiral binder which was remedied using good ol' washi tape.

Here was the result:

Removed the binder
Washi tape the front cover & punch holes
Coloured with washi
Inside my Kikki K Berry Planner

Absolutely nothing was wasted in this DIY project. Even the back cover was used as a hardboard for my Midori notebook.

Quite nice, no?

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