August 7, 2014

Pimpin' My Filofax

As mentioned previously in my post, I have taken part in Filofax's recent Blogger challenge. The due date for the competition was in fact on the 4th of August, which for me, was quite a big rush because of two main reasons:
1- My Filofax arrived a little late due to Australia Post's lazy postman
2- The uni load that I was swamped with from the start of semester

Nevertheless, on Saturday (two days before closing date!), I managed to sit down and finally get my creative juices going. I must admit, I did at least two other pages before the final submission but they both failed miserably. I was going head first into it, trying to mix colours and extract ideas from all over the place, without ever stopping to think about what I really wanted to do. So I decided to just stop, breathe and plan my pages out.

I got my box of washi out, some embellishments from my big box of goodies, laid it all out in front of me, and divided them into what I wanted my page to have. I've always been a great fan of photography and travelling, so I knew I wanted to revolve my pages around that theme. And since my Filofax was a nice fresh blue, I knew I couldn't head for the vintage travel theme of primarily browns, greys and blacks, which I'm always accustomed to. So instead, I mixed it up with colour.

And here's what I managed to come up with:

My submission for the Blogger Challenge

I didn't use too many different things in this page. The list of items include:
1- Kaisercraft Collectables from the Happy Snaps collection
2- Kaisercraft Happy Snaps themed journal cards
3- Studio Calico Wood Veneer Camera
4- Typo triangle stickers to form the banner
5- Washi from MT, Daiso and various other sources.

I didn't want to overdo my pages with too many embellishments because after all, I wanted to make my pages work for an everyday lifestyle and not just for the sake of the competition. It isn't much, but I reckon I've done it to the best of my abilities.

But now that I've done this, it's all up to you lovely readers to vote for your favourite submission! All of the submissions have been posted up on Filofax's Facbook pages with the link to my picture being  picture here. Remember, if I come in first, second or third place, I will be getting free Filofaxes to be given to you wonderful readers! All you have to do is like like like! Voting ends 13th of August so get to it!

Your votes / likes will be greatly appreciated!
Much Love,