June 13, 2015


Oh it has been a while, hasn't it? Filofaxshop had a sale recently and apart from their usual ones which are always on sale, they added this shiny black Original too. So despite the fact that I probably could have survived without it, for the price, I thought: why not. I can always sell it. But before that, there will always be the usual walk through of pictures and little thoughts on it.

Personal Black Patent Original

The Originals have more or less been a love or hate collection. Love the simplicity, but hate the pockets. But I think I've grown to love the Originals (although I barely use them!). I love that they're made from a full thick piece of leather, and the colours they come in. I currently own just one other (Personal Yellow Original), but have owned both A5 and Personal sizes in Green, Nude, Orange, Red, and Aqua. They've all found better, more lovable homes (I think), but I can never seem to part with my yellow (because yknow, it's rare and it is such a lovely bright colour!). This black might just be passing through my household too

But anyway, here are the pictures of the sleek little fellow:

The Original Seal
Right (back) Pockets

The first thing I thought of when I took it out from it's plastic is: it's shiny. Heat fingerprints are present when you hold it, and this may actually annoy some people, and I've found myself wiping away my fingerprints after every hold, but oh my, it is just so sleek! I guess some people might not mind the fingerprints, and I really don't mind them, but I guess it's something not quite preferable.

The inside pockets on the left (front) cover are the usual full length vertical pocket, two slits for cards and the elastic to hold... whatever fits. The right holds a slit for a slim notebook and a full length vertical pocket like the left (front) cover.

The rings were great, and it came with a 2015 diary, pouch and ruler like they all do.

Overall thoughts: I love it, probably won't use, has an annoying talent with withholding fingerprints, but its sleekness conquers all.

Original Yellow and Original Black

Till the next review (whenever that might be!)

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