August 17, 2016


Oh, we've had this debate before, but admittedly, I have always been a little biased towards the regular MTN in the past. However, now that I've broken out the Passport, gave it a chance with some customisation and started writing in it, I'm starting to wonder why it took me so long to get into it. This weekend saw me creating two spreads, both with the same picture, in the two different sized MTNs to test how each went. Here's how it turned out:

As you can see, both spreads have their own little unique edge to them. On the one hand, the Passport size is able to focus on an event in a two-page facing spread, encompassing both writing and photo in one, while on the other, the regular size is able to encompass all of the previous with white space to spare! I guess it really depends what 'look' you're going for too.

In a way, I love the compact size of the Passport MTN; I can slip it into my back pocket at work no problem, and rather than writing notes on pieces of paper, I can now pull out my MTN and write straight into it. So the passport really is great for random notes / lists. On the other hand, I love how much the regular MTN can fit. I love its size and just the general feel of holding one. Without a doubt, the regular size is the best fit for travels and documentation. So it all depends on the final aim of your 'project'. Is it meant to be portable? Is it meant to fit lots of ephemera? Is it to document, or is it for scribbles? It all depends on you. So although I can debate to lengths of which MTN is the best, it all comes down to what you need!


  1. I thought I was a die-hard standard-sized girl and was always perplexed by how folks could keep their thoughts organized in such a tiny notebook! But then I moved into a pocket-sized travelers notebook, and my mind just exploded with the possibilities! For me, size is definitely an issue, since I need to have a weekly or monthly high-level view, as well as enough room for macro daily tasks and notes. The smaller notebook definitely forces me to get creative, but I just love the portability, as you mentioned!

  2. I'm just torn over this. I like the regular MTN. I just have two inserts and it still seems heavy. (I do keep my credit cards in it as well). I have been using Field Notes inserts in my Passport. I'm not sure it would work for my planner. I guess I should try getting the same inserts that I use in the regular sized one (Free Monthly with Diary and a lined insert) and see how they work in the smaller size.