August 27, 2016


Recently, I decided to spruce up my Passport MTN kraft folder, and because I'm into all things vintage, I decided to pull out my ephemera to put together a simple antique-feel folder. Here's how it turned out:

I've been asked how I put this folder together on Instagram, so I thought I might write up a little post on it. It really is simple, and all you need are the right tools to create one of your own:

- Wax seal + wax
- Classiky Wax Paper
- Kaisercraft Script stamp
- Brown stamp pad
- Pressed leaf
- Green thread + needle
- Old stamp

1- The first thing to do is stamp out the vintage script directly onto the kraft folder. Do it on just one side or cover the entire folder - it is entirely up to you
2- Get the Classiky wax paper, and scrunch it up. You'll be able to create the imperfect lines across the entire wax paper as seen in the picture. Stick it on the bottom half of the kraft folder
3- Stick a vintage stamp on the top left
4- Grab your needle and thread and poke a hole on the bottom of the kraft folder. Tie a knot at the end so the thread doesnt slip through the hole and go round the kraft folder
5- Choose your pressed leaf and arrange it onto your kraft folder as desired
6- Heat some wax up and drip it onto the stem of the leaf and the wax paper
7- Stamp the wax with a wax seal stamp and you're done!

It's super simple and doesn't take too long to do either! Try one out for yourself!

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