March 25, 2016


Oh, it's been a while since I've reviewed / gave an overview of a planner, haven't I? It seems like this blog has stemmed into so many other ways other than planner reviews as it was initially started up for. But anyway. here are some pictures into the super cute planner:

I must admit, if it was leather, I would've loved it just that much more, but as I don't carry my planner with me anymore (which seems to sadden me slightly), I'm fine with it being fabric and prone to marks. It comes with its very own kitty dividers (which I'm absolutely loving), and front and back notepads. Frankly, they're so cute, I doubt I'd ever use them,

The inside inserts, are however, the same as any other - undated calendar, meeting notes, to do lists, and a tonne of ruled line pages. I have in fact taken out the undated calendar, meeting notes and some lined pages and put in some items of my own (dated monthly and weekly, expenses, etc). I've been meaning to update my planner - despite the fact that I barely use it, other than for writing my expenses - but naturally, I've been putting it off. I miss the days where organising my planner was the biggest jazz in the world, but I guess life takes over, and sometimes, you just need a system that works, even if it may not be all that pretty. After all, that's what a planner really is for isn't it?

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  1. I'm waiting on this planner to arrive - it's soooo cute! You've made me even more excited to get it aha!